DOWNLOAD The 13th Disciple

CapTAmerik@ Dear people,

Version 1.00 of 'The 13th Disciple'-demo can now be downloaded from the official website (top left corner).

I found the program works best with NAGI. There are some points you need to be aware off before playing this game:

* No score or sound has been included yet;
* For some reason, some inventory items will not display in ego's inventory list. I have been working on a solution, but to no avail so far. If anyone knows a way out, please contact me;
* Without spoiling, the puzzles will be far-fetched in some cases, but that will be resolved in the end product. All puzzles will work towards escaping from the school, a goal that can't be achieved while playing this demo;

Having said that, I hope the board appreciates the game as much, as I have had joy creating it. Regards and of course, I'm happy to hear all comments, suggestions, solutions with regards to the '13th Disciple',


PS: Parental guidance might be in order for the intro. ;)
jelleghys In your profile it says 12th disciple, why?
CapTAmerik@ Actually, the idea was to put a picture of myself in there. And since I created the 13th Disciple, I called myself the 12th... and so on.

Only thing is I can't get this thingie to work, :-
rwfromxenon Yay, this should be good!
I shall sporckle to tour site and fetch it.

CapTAmerik@ Sporckle?

Did I miss something. :D?

Joey wow!!!! this is very very nice!!!! the intro scared me. :'(
jk. this is really awesome. your a great drawer. puzzles are pretty hard though. heh heh. keep up the good work.
Kon-Tiki Great graphics, great puzzles and great humour. Only thing that's not so great is that I get a memory problem when the intro wants to start. This's a great game!

CapTAmerik@ Hmmm. Memory issues...
Anybody any idea how to avoid those, because I did put in quite some effort in the story's intro... :-\

rwfromxenon I just used NAGI, ;D

Joel About the only way to avoid memory issues is to make sure you unload resources when they're not being used (but you have to do it in exactly the reverse order that you loaded them, so if you load view 1, then 2, then 3 and you don't need view 2 anymore, you have to unload view 3 before unloading view 2, even if you still need view 3 (but you shouldn't unload view 3 while it's assigned to an object or your game will probably crash). You can always reload view 3 after you unload view 2.

If you've unloaded everything that you can unload and you're still getting errors, then your game exceeds the capabilities of the Sierra interpreters and will have to be run on NAGI or something similar.

Anyway, the demo looks good so far.
Joey i just erase objects. i didnt know you can unload!? what is the command for it? also, if i go to a new screen, will that view still be loaded? do i have to unload it before it goes to another screen?
Joel The command to unload a view is discard.view(). You do not have to unload views before going to a new room. The command discards everything except logic 0 (including ego, I believe -- I think if new_room is set, then logic 0 reloads ego's view).

Keep in mind, though, that the unloading in reverse order applies to all resources. If you load view 1, then sound 1, you have to unload sound 1 before you can unload view 1. The interpreter will not enforce this...if you're lucky, it will just crash if you don't do it that way. If you're very unlucky, it will work fine.
Joel Erasing a view does not free the memory that the view is using. It just removes it from the screen. You can draw the view again without loading it again if you just erase it. If you do a discard.view, then you have to do another load.view before you can draw the view again, or the game will crash.
Joey how do i get the broom!!!??? >:(
Kon-Tiki Search the pile in the closet.

CapTAmerik@ Geez, I like this a lot, :-)...

For everybody that has completed the demo, please drop me a line on to give me some pointers on how to improve the game...

And also, for those who haven't, because the puzzles were to hard ;) , please tell me how to improve the clues and story-line....


rwfromxenon I can't seem to find anything to do after I find the Dean. (PS I took his money ;))

Kon-Tiki I'm stuck there too.

CapTAmerik@ Hmmm... I guess I could thicken that connection a bit. Try looking at the cop outside the Dean's office. You'll find that ego mentions a way to escape the school.

After that, try looking at the quarterback outside on the field. His nickname. Maybe he has something that can get you out of college. Too bad he is pre-occupied at the moment.... ;)


(don't worry, i'll play a bit with the difficulty of the game when the official full-version comes out... I'm glad I released this demo...)

Joey it is hard. but after you sweep do you get to walk to more rooms? i can only go to a few rooms without cleaning.
Joey forgot to mention its funny ;D
MagickPoultry Looks very neat. The intro definitely piqued my interest. I didn't play the game very long, because I didn't have enough time. You're probably not finished yet, but I found several of the things I wanted to try weren't recognized, specifically with the ladder. Also, it was sometimes hard to tell what certain things were, and how to refer to them, like the janitor's thing that had the key in it (I forget its name) and a couple of things on the shelf in the closet.

I think the game looks very promising. I will continue to follow it.
CapTAmerik@ Thanks guys!

Anyway, Joey... yes, you can go back to other rooms when you've finished sweeping. For instance, you can walk to Mr. Andrade's office and you can also pay a visit to the gent's locker room.

This is where it gets a bit tricky. In the work AFTER I finished the demo, the plot is more thick, so you will know exactly what your next goal needs to be (of course, accomplishing that goal will be a tid harder, ;D)...

I'll keep you guys updated!
CapTAmerik@ Okay... found a big bug, >:(...

For those of you, that have finished the game by simply walking on the football-field, you've missed more than half the fun. To my amazement, a flag was set, which triggered the cheerleader to be hit in the face by a football.

Of course, in the final version, you will actually have to do something in order to make this happen, ;). I'll try to update the version and post a new download tomorrow. Right now, I'm a bit pissed and confused, :-).

Thanks for your patience,
Joey lol. hit in the face. why do you have to have her hit in the face? and i dont understand what is so bad about that. it doesnt sound like a bug.....
Joey wrote:
lol. hit in the face. why do you have to have her hit in the face? and i dont understand what is so bad about that. it doesnt sound like a bug.....
I think the flag was set without him doing what's needed to set the flag. Which would be a bug.
This football in the face thingy is an easter egg right?
I love those things...
CapTAmerik@ For everybody that wonders:

Work on The 13th Disciple has been stopped temporarily, because of the excruciating (is that even a word?) pain I'm currently in. I broke my shoulder last Saturday and it looks like I'm facing 6 weeks of rehabillitation.

This sucks... Let you all know when I'm back!


gpm Ouch!

Hope you get better soon Perry!
We're looking forward to you being back at full strength! :)
Shantzy Sorry to bother but I can't download the demo. Incorrect URL or the file issn't up. ::)
Coul you make the demo attainable or could someone e-mail it to me?
CapTAmerik@ Demo is up again...

New version hopefully gets rid of the nasty bug, that jumped you to the end of the game without actually doing anything. Besides that, I've added a little more puzzles. Hopefully, entertaining enough.

This version is not an official demo-release. It's just a little give-away to give people in need a version to look at.

Cheers and God bless,

PS: And no! Although I do mention 13 victims, I have nothing in common with the DC Sniper. Thanks!