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SCIBuff To Whom It May Concern...

Before you continue, I would like to apologize in advance to anyone who I might offend. Please don't flood this board with your flames. Constructive criticism is acceptable though.

Wow! Are you guys really that cheap or just that poor?
I for one think that Brian has been (and is) too generous!

I have only stumbled across this program recently and
think it is probably the best thing out there for it's designed purpose!

To say that I appreciate all your incredible hard work Brian is not enough, so I want to attempt to make up for all the donations you otherwise should be getting by I offering the following proposal. Tell me what you think about this.

I will personally give you $5 for every day left remaining in the month of October after a "stable, non-beta" SCI Studio VGA release.

Example: If you release it next October 18, 2002 that will leave 13 days left in the month. I then take 13, multiply it by 5 and send you the $65 donation.

As I am sure this is can definitely increase the size of the donation by releasing the software sooner than the date in the example.

As for everyone else here, you could do this too! Okay, maybe you don't have $5 dollars you can give per day but surely you can afford a dollar or even a measly quarter a day?

Then and only then would Brian be able to say to the "losers" who say 3D is better, "Are you getting paid, though? I am." No to mention that it might change Brian's mind about how "ungrateful" you all seem.

Just some food for thought if nothing else.
Berserk Hey,

If want to do this...go for it buddy, anything that will get the VGA Version released sooner.

But unfortunately i can not donate any money. For a multiple number of reasons which i will not go into.

I also think that the other people in this forum won't donate money, i think they would've done it already if they wanted see everybody is blaming my criticism on saying that donations are not necessary...WHEN HAVE THEY DONATED MONEY???

It's your money mate, if this proposal of yours will get SCI Studio VGA Released sooner...Then go for it.

Again...It is your what you wish.

CapTAmerik@ The proposal totally misses it's desired goal.

I see what you're aiming for. You try to push Brian into releasing a workable SCI VGA Studio in October, whereas you know he hasn't even come up with a release date himself. Brian mentioned somewhere to release it '...hopefully in 2002...", therefore I think you know quite well that an October-release is undo-able.

So, instead of pushing Brian in a 'hurry'-job, why don't you just pay him afterwards, when we have a good workable SCI VGA Studio at his own convience. I surely will!

juncmodule Actually, I'm waiting for a response on a email from Brian and I'm going to donate Mr. "" >:(. I've even stopped using SCI Studio in order to wait for the community to grow, however, I still fully support SCI Studio. Being able to make these games was always a dream. Unfotunately, I lack the programming skill to complete a game. As soon as more games get made, more tutorials are released, and/or more people release source examples I will begin working with SCI Studio again :'(.

I do agree with CapTAmerik@ though. The $5 a day ideal, while possibly generous, may present Brian with an unreachable goal. Besides, do you really want a crap program that isn't finished? Personally, I would rather see a SCI VGA that is complete and just as good as Brian's other releases. Relax ;) it will be here soon. Besides, this gives everyone plenty of time to work on characters and backgrounds. Don't forget that SCI VGA allows imports(and the VGA view editor is already out there). Once SCI VGA is out you should test it, if you like it and intend on using it, donate. I believe that $50.00 is a fair donation for a program with the capabilities of SCI Studio.

Personally, I can't wait for SCI EGA 1.4. Although, I'm willing to wait as long as it takes for Brian to finish. ;D

Keep up the awesome work Brian.


How dare you call us ungratefull. We support this community fully and try to helpout when and wherever possible. Many people can't donate, because some don't have jobs(because lot's of us are kids... I myself am 17). And then there are some who are limited on money and need to use it to get by. I myself don't have the money to donate(seeing as I don't have a job yet). I did however donate my web server to become an archive of SCI Studio versions.

So before you call anyone ungratefull you should really learn what they have done to help this community, and whether or not they really are ungratefull.

Anyway, donating is perfect but what your trying to do is bribe not donate.

I do suggest that people donate, but not in hopes of making the release faster but to help Brian out, he really deserves it after all he has given to this community.
sonneveld speaking as somebody whos worked crappy jobs and also know how much time you can spend a day programming.. $5 a day isn't really going to cover it if you want to force Brian to finish his work.

- Nick
Berserk What i'd like to know is what Brian does with the money??

What do you do. Do you have to buy things to make SCI Studio, or is this just apayment for the time you've spent on it??

Anyways, you haven't put an update about SCI Studio VGA on your web-site in ages. Hows it going?
Will it be released soon???

AGI1122 Well, I am guessing he already has all the software he needs so it most likely goes to the time he spent on it, and to buy other stuff he might want.
Berserk Okay then!
sonneveld who cares what he does with the money.. it's a donation to him and as an extra incentive to work on sci studio.

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano Thank you for your support and such. I won't be able to have SSVGA done by the end of October, but I'm working every day for hours on end to get it done ASAP.

I will have the template fully done very soon--I'll send it to everyone who donates ;)

I understand not everyone can donate. If you can, please do so, if not, I understand.

As for what I spend it on, it's true that I should be able to spend it on anything I please, but it's all for my free work! It has helped pay for part of my GBA flash linker for the GBAGI project.

I don't always have everything I need for deceloping SS though. For example, my hard drive died (right after the warranty expired--figures), so I needed a new one. I actually lost a bunch of 2.14, which is why the delay between versions has occured. Don't fret though, it's back on track. All the money will go towards my free projects at
Berserk OK,

Will it be released by December??

.....Oh and might i methion that u spelled threat wron (fret)

Berserk I correct myself:

You spelt thereat wrong (fret)
Brian_Provinciano You're a nut job! I thought you said you weren't going to cause any more problems? This is the final warning.

I didn't mean to say "threat", I said "fret", an entirely different word. "threat" wouldn't have even made sense in the sentence, or under the topic of these messages.
Brian Provinciano wrote:

You're a nut job!


AnimeFreak Hey Brian, how come you're never on ICQ anymore?

- Colin
CapTAmerik@ My guess is, is that he's a bit busy, ;)....


Can't you relate to the feeling? You're trying to get things accomplished on programming or playing games and this ICQ flower keeps on beeping and flashing in your corner. Aarrgggh!