Johnny Castaway

MDanihy Trying to uncompress, or at lease get the .BMP and .WAV files from the resource.001 file. Can ony provide me with info? Looking to update this great screen saver.
Kon-Tiki Errrrm, is this SCI-related? Never heard of a game called Johnny Castaway, although it sounds like fun. If it's a screensaver, try the Off-topic section.

MDanihy1 Is is a screensaver, it looks like it uses a modified SCI. It has a and resource.001 file.

Why can't I stay logged in? geesh!
Kon-Tiki Ok, let's see if somebody else know it (meanwhile I'll go search for it.)
About the logging: it seems as if it works well on the url. I had the same problem for some time, but it seemed to solve itself after some time.

MDanihy1 I have done a great deal of searching and there isn't much information to be found. If I could just figure out what compression was used on the resource file, that would be a great help. I know it contains .BMP, .WAV and script files within it, I just don't know what decompression to use (software).
MDanihy I have been able to use some of the resource management software and SCI related utilites. But they all seem to not be able to find all the resources that are compressed into the resource.001 file.

Each program reports that it cannot find a different resource (could have something to do with the type of resource utility).

I can see that the file contains script, pic, bitmaps, text, and other...

I was hoping that Brian might be able to help me out, he seems to be the resident SCI expert (outside Sierra). :)

HwM Well... Like many games, Johnny Castaway uses the name RESOURCE.001, but it's a whole different format... Example: BMP files are never used in SCI games, AFAIK...

This RESOURCE.001 looks quite a bit like the resource files of the Dynamix games... Even more like the resource files from the Windows-based "Take-A-Break" series... So using the current tools wouldn't work...