A background

ehcb This is the first bakground I'vev made that doesn't look all distorted and weird.

Here it is (as it would look in a game):

I'd really like critisism. :-\
Kon-Tiki There's no screenshot here.

-Kon-Master of constructive critisism-Tiki-

Try the direct link:

Kon-Tiki Wow. If this's your first Picture that came out without any problems, you're quite tallented. It even has a good atmospere in it. Can't wait to see more of these.

ehcb That's the best feedback I've ever got on anything I've drawn! :o

Joey hey thats pretty good!!! especially for your first drawing. but i have a question. the link is blah blah blah garden blah. if its a garden, shouldnt it have flowers or plants or something?

Just a thought.
ehcb You're right, that picture is horribly undetailed!

I added a statue, tree, wall, flowerbed and generally cluttered it up.

(NOTE: Ms paint messed up the colours but...you get the idea?)

rwfromxenon hmm... Your link didn't work.
I went to your page though and the pics are great!

ehcb Hmmmn, how odd. It works for me...try again.

If you really think my pictures are great (EGO inflates...) then you must have poor taste in art. I mostly hang around in the AGS forums and some of the pictures there make mine look like they were drawn by a spastic monkey in a dark cellar.

Kon-Tiki AGS uses bitmaps, doesn't it? There's the difference. AGI uses vectors, which restricts it in some ways. To AGI-norms, your picture's great.

ehcb (EGO in danger of exploding.)

I've never quite understood how AGI uses vectors...I thought that vectors weren't resoloution-based but that seems to be quite the opposite...

And my picture was originally a bitmap, I converted it to vector with some software I got off "the ultimate AGi/SCi site".
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, used that at the beginning of my time on AGI too. It always gave the most poor results.

Joey im not saying its excellent. its good though. i like the new stuff you added. its pretty good i think.

are you making a game egg head?

(lol, egg head.)
ehcb You can't make me say anything!

Every time I announce a game I end up accidently deleteing it or losing interest!

It's a curse I tell ya'!

ehcb Hmmn, no one cares about my picture...