Massagi! transport medium

Andrew_Baker I would have put more, but this thing only allows 8 options. Seriously, though, this is the vote being put through. Democracy rules!
Sami_Tervo Uh, I think that 'quest-completion/Quantum Leap' should be changed to'Quantum Leap'...Because it doesn't matter what traveling metod you are using between rooms , because you could only travel when you've done quest?!
Nailhead Well I voted time travel, but "Books/old man story-teller" would be a close second choice.
Joey i think its more up to you than us. if we post an answer, please dont make it just because we liked that idea. you should make this what you want. i think that is another reason why people never complete their games. they dont like their plot, or didnt make it the way they wanted, then dont feel like doing it over.

I think you should make it the way YOU want too. you could use our opinoin, but if you dont like the final thought, dont use it.
Kon-Tiki Andrew's looking for a way to put lots of people's contributions to a game into one whole. He wants to know what the people contributing to it think, so it's quite relevant here.

gpm I like the library/story-teller idea slightly better than the time travel idea mainly because it'd allow for a far less linear storyline, especially if you weren't locked into a section until you finished it.

Has anybody played Beavis and Butthead (heh heh heh) for the Sega Genesis? That game had a pretty neat way of switching between one area to another - through the TV screen!

Of course our compilation would be far more intelligent than Beavis and Butthead (at least I HOPE it would be :) ), but I think you get the idea. You'd search through books in a library, and through reading the books you'd be sucked into another world.
rwfromxenon I kinda like the idea of Quantum Leap...
Bu think of it this way.
Maybe there could be a different way of moving to each part. ie,
Part 1 you change by...dying. Part 2 you drink a potion...
That kinda thing.

Andrew_Baker Erm... that is the idea. Or, to use a different reference, the old show VR5 required the main character to find a different key object in each person's subconscious. The "mission-based" idea of transportation would make everyone's "portal" unique, as opposed to a unifying "portal" that is the same in each (ie, a dimensional gate.).
Parabola quantum leap most definitely 8)