AGI Studio 1.37 released

Nailhead The new version is ready for downloading. I've stomped so many bugs this week I need to change my shoes. Enjoy!


Version 1.37 (9/27/02)
- Added right-click menus to the Words.tok editor
- Fixed a bug which crashed the Words.tok editor when clearing the text field
- Fixed a bug in the view editor, saving new views were resulting in black squares
- Fixed a bug with editing Separators in the Menu Designer
- AGI Studio is now centered on the desktop as default
AGI1122 Nice work, looks great! :)

Sorry I have been slacking on the new help file... here is how far I have gotten:

I have just about everything finished. I only have half of the logic commands left to go and then I am finished.
AGI1122 Also, I just noticed that in history.txt my contact info is old... it still says, my new e-mail address is

And readme.txt has 2 links to the old message boards:

These should be:
Nailhead Ok cool I'll make those changes. Good job so far on the help file. I'll email you before the next version is done and I can include the newest help file.
Parabola Are you guys taking suggestions for features to add to agi studio?

the new version is nice and handy yet it's still a pain to use a handful of programs to build a game.

Two features i despeatley want to see in agi studio are
1) a picture editor
2) a sound player/editor

is this likely to happen? 8)
Sami_Tervo Excellent :) Here's few ideas more:

* Colouring of commands in logics are quite good, but if possible you could add to settings possibility to change colouring similar as in Joakim M
jelleghys Very nice, but why do you make the 'resource'-menu disappear sometimes? I don't think that's useful, there's space enough, isn't it? :)
Nailhead Jelle: The resource menu only appears when the resource window is active. For fast access of that menu, try right clicking on the resource window.

Sami_Tervo: If you'd like to change the syntax color, choose 'Settings' from the 'Tools' menu. Then click choose the 'logic editor' tab and click on 'Advanced...'. Last choose the 'Color' tab and begin reassigning colors to the respective element. We're working on getting this section into the Help file.

Parabola: I don't know if I'll ever create a pic editor or sound editor for AGI Studio, but external editors may become more integrated in the future. We are working on a protocol for AGI Studio to communicate with other programs to make it easier for all these utilities to work with each other.
Kon-Tiki Errrrrmmm, my View Editor doesn't work. It still gives the black rectangle :-\ .

The resource menu only appears when the resource window is active.

Yes, I know... But why?
Sami_Tervo Okie, I'll have to check out that Settings-thingie

Utils-menu isn't still fully fixed. (though you have to see some trouble to get this bug out of it's cave :)) Here's my story how I lured it:

I opened Menu Designer (empty list, no links set yet!) and added a separator. Right after that I deleted it. Some buttons, e.g. arrow-down and -up didn't disabled when I deleted that separator although list was then empty. I clicked up-arrow and got following message 'Cannot assign a nil to a TListItem.' I knew
it was just the little one so ignored it and decided to continue the hunt by accepting that message and keeping clicking up-arrow-button. Result was Utils-menu full of empty blocks. I decided try to my luck and clicked one of the empty slots and voila! There it was, a big, fat juicy bug-message 'List index out of bounds (0)'-box! I chopped it to pieces of by returning back to Menu Designer and deleting empty slots. But sooner
or later someone is going to meet it again...
Nailhead I've uploaded a new beta as I'm trying to finally get rid of these problems. I think I've finally fixed the 'black square' bug. Thanks to Sami_Tervo for bashing AGI Studio with a sledgehammer in hopes to break it (I probably sound sarcastic, but I'm serious). I fixed those problems in the Menu Designer. Anyone else wanna try to break it?

Let me know if these bugs are gone, it's so hard for me to test this thing on my one and only OS. Thanks again everyone! :D
rwfromxenon I haven't got any complaints about this one ;D

jelleghys Open logic
> Edit > Find > "type a word here"

If it has found the word, type a letter (while the word is still selected).
How come the word doesn't get replaced by the letter you typed? Did you mean to program it that way?
jelleghys I just noticed that in v1.31 it is just the same, so that was probably programmed by Peter Kelly :). Anyway, is it possible to change this?
Kon-Tiki Yay! Got to try this out if that black squared bug's stomped.

lemur Great with all the new versions coming out!

You've probably noticed already but there's a bug with the words.tok that sorts w-words like v-words causing the interpreter to not find words placed after the first w-word. Nick has explained it nicely at the nailhead-bugreport-forum. Would it be possible to fix this?
Parabola sounds good, however I too get the view edit black image thing. im sure it worked when i forst loaded it tho. :( :( :(
Kon-Tiki Errrrmmm, Nailhead, what's your shoesize? The bug seems to have escaped your splatting.

Nailhead D'oh! Somebody call the Orkin man!

I'll keep at it, one day I'll fix it. :-\

Jelle: Fixing the 'find' feature would probably be easy enough to do, I'll look at it.
Sami_Tervo [attachment deleted by admin]
sonneveld You may be interested in the AGIStudio Forum where Nailhead can get bug submissions.

- Nick
Sami_Tervo Allrighty :)
AGI1122 I got the updated template for you, it fixes the latest bugs that where found.