Has this board died?

mr-t Noone seems to have posted for awhile...
dreamweaver nobody die ...
I think that perhap nobody have any idea to introduce .
everybody already know their needing informations so they are waiting for new SCI Studio ( well , i hear that it will be finished on last of this year ) .
About me :-D : i'm trying make a game like King Quest point'n'click because i really don't like and don't know much about old - style text adventure . But it seems so hard when i must implement a pathfinding algorithm in SCI Studio with script functions (though it's strong enough to do that but I think it will be slow ) .
I'm learning programming languages ie Visual C++ and Assembly and I recommend you too :-D . Perhap someday all of us will finish a SCI Studio support all Sierra games :-D :-D :-D :-D
Mr. T wrote:

Noone seems to have posted for awhile...

I didn't post in sci board for a while because I have nothing to say.

I begun a new sci game. Ho my god! I just made 5 rooms and it takes 1 meg in data. It just enough to put the data in the single diskette.

That's why King's quest 4 takes 8 diskettes (5"1/4) 360k.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki I haven't post anything here (lately or ever, I don't know), because it doesn't concearn me. I'm working in AGI for now and I don't understand anything of SCI or what's said about it here.

Nailhead I'm an AGI guy too. Although I'm dying to dive into SCI.
AGI1122 Well... you can call me the AGI/SCI man! :P

I havn't had much to post about as of late but sooner or later I will probably have some questions about SCI.
Omer Mor Well I died actually ... ;D
Brian_Provinciano It's because most people only post when they have something to say, heh.
mr-t ;D
Just making sure...
Ryku AHHH! Its dead! *performs CPR* nope its still alive...