AGI Studio 1.36a released

Nailhead I do hope that the nasty bugs from 1.36 are gone now. Let me know if anyone is experiencing exeptions or errors upon running it.

download it
rwfromxenon Wahey! A new version of AGI Studio!
I shall go forth and download it immediately ;D
Kon-Tiki Wahey! A new version of AGI Studio!
I shall go forth and download it immediately ;D

jelleghys Very nice!

But I can't find v1.36, I've downloaded it by clicking on the link in your post, than I've downloaded it on your website, but it still says its v1.35 (or did you just forgot to change the about-message?) ???

rwfromxenon Kon - Tiki, don't copy me...
Wahey! A new version of AGI Studio!
I shall go forth and download it immediately
jelleghys Please don't use sounds or wathever that means, my soundcard is messed up. :(
Nailhead Oops, the link was pointing to the wrong file, it's fixed now. Sorry about that.
Joey i may download it. is it a difference from peter kelly's? is there more features added then the one on peter kelly's site is what i meant.
Nailhead Yes, alot has been added. See this page for all the changes that have been made since Peter Kelly's last version.
Nailhead TO ALL: I've just fixed all of the bugs that were reported at the message board for a 1.37 release tomorrow, or until someone reports more bugs and I'll quickly try to fix them. I'm trying for a final stable release so that I can start on adding some stuff that you all have suggested. So if you haven't downloaded this version yet, don't until 1.37 unless you plan on helping me bug test this. Thanks for everyone's help on this!
Sami_Tervo Cool! Looks nice.

There's few things you should fix though:

Although many people have nowdays 1024*786(not sure about those numbers, but you get the point) display, there's also people who still has 800*600-displa ys. Problem is that, when I started AGIStudio at the first time, it started 'below' visiable area, luckily I found the edge of it and managed to drag it from it's hide. Make it start from center or make it maximize itself at start.

Add Utils-thingie is nice too. I clicked Insert the separator-box and then OK. When I tried to edit (double-click at it) it gave me this:
List index out of bounds(0)

And one more thing, please change to background colour of help files back to original yellow. The contrast was lower that way and was easier to read.
Kon-Tiki Hu? Didn't notice those things. All I saw was that there were some changes in the downloads-section and in the about-section, v1.35 changed to v1.36a. The interface was the same and even the view bug was still in it. I downloaded it after Nailhead's post about the fixed link.
Guess I'll wait until v1.37 for an update.

Nailhead Sami_Tervo: Thanks for the mention of those bugs, I've fixed them for the next release.

Kon-Tiki: I haven't changed the interface any, I'm just making bug fixes for now. More fixes to come in the next release which I'll be uploading today.