AGI Pics

mr-t What is the difference between AGI and SCI pics?
AGI1122 Well resolution for starters... they probably have different internal workins(but am not sure).
Mokalus_of_Borg Having looked quite thoroughly at both formats to write PIC2PIC (</cheap plug>) I'm in a position to offer an informed opinion here.
[td]Basic format[/td]
[td]Virtual screens[/td]
[td]320 x 190[/td]
[td]640 x 400[/td]
[td]256 (dithered)[/td]

Mokalus of Borg

PS - They are pretty similar, overall.
PPS - One was based on the other, I assume.
Joey i thought agi pics had 16 colors and sci had 256
AGI1122 SCI VGA has 256, SCI0 had 16... SCI evolved alot through out time and was even used in games like SQ6.
Joey whats SCIO? is that like sq6? i thought 256 colors was like lsl2 and 3.
AGI1122 LSL2 and LSL3 are SCI0 they use 16 colors. LSL 5 and 6 use SCI1 and LSL7 uses SCI32.

SCI0 is the first version of SCI it only had 16 colors.
Joey oh. once again, thank you chris.
smartguy240 I dont knowif you said this but where does like the VGA versions come in?

Joey lsl 5 and 6 are in SCI1 and lsl 7 is in SCI32.

ps smartguy, im goin to the dance now!!! yippee!!!
AGI1122 Well SCI VGA started with SCI1 so I would say... basically all of the games that Sierra made that had a point and click interface is VGA... if it was SCI and had typing then it was SCI EGA. Well except for LSL7 which was SCI32 and had both point and click and a simple typeing parser.