Sami_Tervo Oh come on, there are dozens of people in this board and knowbody ain't musician...arghh...

Please, if you ain't musicians show me a place where I can find one... I tried some channels on irc..fuck, they are mp3-loonies!'Hahahah, you want us to make 3 channel music?? Fuck off!' Mean :(...

I'm gettin desperate!

(check out my website in profile to see my project which requires musician)
Luke I've just about got the hang of the Visual AGI sound editor, so I could give it a go. Your project looks really good, by the way. :) You could specify a piece of music you want, I could have a go at it, send it to you and you could see whether you like my work.
Kon-Tiki I've got the same problem. A friend of mine promised to make .xms music for Little Pirate and make a mod or something so I could use it. That's around begin of August and he still hasn't said anything about it. I think it's better that I go look for another musician, but I've got the same problem as Sami. AGI really needs some good musicians.


P.S.: Is there anyone who wants to make the music for Little Pirate?
jelleghys I'm a musician, I play music and I write songs too. But I'm not used to make single-melody songs. It's very hard to make a song for a game, when you're used to make songs with a lot of instruments (or at least songs with more then one tone on a time).

I think it's hard to find musicians in here, because I think the people who write their own songs (like me) use them in their own games too (like me).

But wasn't their a thread of somebody who said he liked to make songs for people around here? His name was John Bock.
mr-t I like making midis, and making a three voice one would be quite a challange ;)
Sami_Tervo I wouldn't like to ruin a game with my pathetic skills of composing.

Luke and others who are interested:

March/war-music would be the 1. thing in my wishlist. What kind of? Similar to Rogue Spear or other wargames/movies. That would be a challenge I think ;)

Jelle: I think John Bock has vanished
Kon-Tiki What I need is mostly some pirate songs. 'Drunken Sailor' is a good one, and at the midi database ( the Disney songs from Disney World (or something similar) called 'Pirates of the Caribean' and 'Tiki Room' are good examples too. That's the kind of music I'm looking for, but then not copyrighted and preferably already in the AGI sound format (I've got trouble with the conversion:()

jelleghys I'll do the drunken-sailor song for you, I'll mail it to you within an hour...
Kon-Tiki Thanks :)

Joey what game are you making sami
Sami_Tervo Apocalyptic Quest. It's bgstory is too big/confusing to put here (I got too much sparetime X) !!) so check out

In summary it's Fallout-like RPG and it's about fella who crashes with his/her(you can choose your sex) spaceship to Autralia's wastelands. While killing hundred(s) of monsies, doing tasks, trading and communicating you must try to find part to fix your ship (no time limit!). Fallout for 286 =)

Well I guess that Wartheme-music is quite hard to compose even with good musictools, so I just might except somesort of space-theme (like in Space Quests).... But, use your imagination! There must be some music which matches with AQ's theme. Perhaps something excotic, dunno, that's why I'm lookin for musician!