east and west problems

juncmodule Does anyone know about any problems with games compiled in SCI Studio that have trouble going east and west? I just spent the last 6 hours going nuts because I couldn't make my character go from room to room...I thought I was scripting it wrong. Drove me nuts. Then, I made a fresh game and just did four screens. I could go north and south just fine...but, not east or west! While playing with that I started using the mouse instead of keys. If I double clicked all of the way over it would work, and then after that, sometimes I could use the arrow keys to go east and west. I checked out Al Pond 2 and it did the same thing. (I was disappointed when I downloaded Al Pond 2 and couldn't leave the hotel hallway...woohoo! There's a whole game in there...) So is this a bug, just me, something that's being worked on?

Strange little bug, squish it! Brian, squish it!

I'm feeling rather loopy now...

-junc :P
Robin_Gravel If you've played "another dg game: I want c64 back",
you'll see the bug with east /west is gone.

For the author of Al Pond 2:

May I suggest to replace all the sc files except the room files from the template with "another dg game" 's sc files.

You'll find my sci game at:

Robin Gravel
Brian_Provinciano In order to make SCI easier to use, I made the rooms have default boundaries (like AGI has). Normally you would've had to do control lines or the character would keep walking off the screen. If you know your control lines, just remove the code that checks if ego is within the bounds.
Eigen Thank's. I'll fix this problem as I can.
Eigen I used control lines to enter another room. I checked DG game but I didn't understood the difference. Mabye someone could tell me that. And by the way Al Pond 2 is almost ready only some inputs to add and lot of bugs to repair. I also need some test players for my game. So if you're inrested let me know.