Jack and Julia Vampire, abandoned!?

Joey i once read a thread here that said we dont want this to turn out like jack and julia, or something like that. is it true, did andrew give up on jack and julia vampire. i sincerely hope not. that looked great.(it was kinda like the dark convergence) it looked awesome. had a great plot. great grpahics. etc. i hope it will continue to progress.
Joel I thought Jack and Julia was abandoned years ago.
Kon-Tiki Thought that it was abandonned too, but I also read once that it's NOT abandonned, but the work's just slow. It was a promising game, I must admit. It's a real shame it's abandonned.

sonneveld nah, it was abandoned.. their site's down 'n everything.. but you can access it through archive.org.. agidev.com has links to it I think.

- Nick
mr-t I hate it when someone releases a demo, then says "nah, I dun wanna finish this" and abandons it.
Randy I think the problem with that idea was that the entire story, puzzles and everything, were public knowledge. When the game would have been finished, where would be the challenge in playing it?
David Smith Yeah, it was abandoned. Actually, I was part of that group for awhile. I would say I was the primary artist. I drew all of the existing scenes except the church one. I drew in the range of four I think, although only about two of them were ever made public. Part of the problem was that it was just a huge, huge game and it was hard to get people motivated. I drew scenes fast for it but when I sent them in, no one seemed to do much with them. I guess that's how it got abandoned.
You also may remember another game called "Herman in the Woods". It was the same deal with that. I drew at least four or five pictures for that game but not only was nothing done with them, but the coordinator kept complaining about my work. So, add those two things together and I felt uncompelled to donate my time anymore. So, that project was abandoned too.
Anyhow, there you have it. If I have time later on next week, I'll try to unearth them.

Joey its a shame. that looked great.

david, are you the creator of daves quest?
Sami_Tervo I contacted Kenneth Bernholm, who is the author of Jack & Julia (in order to get myself to the project!), BUT Kenneth Bernholm replied:

Unofortunately I'm going to have to disappoint you, since the Jack &
Julia development ceased several years ago.

Well shit happens and what can you do about it :(

There's also other good games which should be revived. Perhaps we should try somesort of resurection-project for abandoned games.
mr-t That's a great idea, Sami! kind of like the fan made Space Quest 7s and Leisure Suit Larry 4s!
David Smith Yes, I'm the creator of Dave's Quest.
Anything I else I work on is a sort of side project until that one is completed.
Joey you are great at drawing dave. i dont know how they didnt like your work. your wicked good!!!! daves quest is a really really really great game. keep up the good work.
Joey hey andrew. your probably gonna say no, but could i continue your game? i mean, could i work on it and eventually finish it. it looked soo good and i hate to see it abandoned. i would do it myself, and also put in the game that you were the original designer of it.
sonneveld I don't think the author actually visits this board.. Besides, how about finishing Date Quest 2 before working on something else.

- Nick
rwfromxenon Yeah, I played DQ1 and it was great! By the way there is a bug in it where you keep getting points ;)

Joey i am working on dq2. im haveing a problem though. (see memory issue?)