Rewriting dissassemblies

Pikachu14 Allright, so I gots me a script disassembler thingy, SCI Studio and a game with a really neat-a$$ trick, like PQ2's computer for example.

Now, the question did Brian rewrite those scripts?
AGI1122 He had to translate the disasembled source into SCI code.
Pikachu14 Obvious. But how?
Joe He learned how byte-code worked, and the format of the script-files.
Pikachu14 Could I do it? There's some great shit out there, just waiting to be rewritten...

Things that pop up right now:
PQ2's computer system (maybe a bit more dos-like)
LSL3's Log ride and SQ1's Skimmer
Joe Just go here:
Brian_Provinciano Yes, you need to learn byte code and how SCI scripts fully work (ie. about their segments, what everything does, etc.).

If you know any Assembly language, you should be able to pick it up quickly. You can also see how my compiler works from it's source code.
mr-t Sounds... hard? :-\
Pikachu14 Blerk! I want a converter... :'(
AGI1122 Brian isn't going to write one for us, if Sierra's programmers could do it, then we could too, we don't need to look/copy/steal their source to do it.
Pikachu14 Guess you're right, but my computer screen thingy didn't work out.

Another thing that would be cool:
Larry's age check.
AGI1122 Again I shall say we don't need Sierra's source we can write our own... you just have to be creative. :)
Pikachu14 * goes think in a corner * dammit!...

* one week later *

AGI1122 ::)
mr-t :-\