Eigen Hey Brian! How you're doing with the SCI Vga. :o I think it will be so cool that.... Is there any release date?
Anyway, good luck!
AGI1122 Nope he hasn't set a release date... so just whenever he finishes it.

Good luck with it though Brian. :)
dreamweaver i hope the new sci vga studio can open and explore king quest 6 which sdv can't do it .
mr-t Chris : Your comment reminds me of the release date for Duke Nukem Forever : when it's done :P
AGI1122 Well most of us that make FREE programs don't set dates for releases, we just release them when they are ready... do you want a half baked buggy program that doesn't work right... or would you rather wait till it is finished and works great? ::)
Pikachu14 Daikatana (suffering from exactly that problem) was very disappointing when it was finally released. But since SCI Studio has the user determine the quality of the end result, it doesn't matter much.
dreamweaver i hope that new sci studio will have a Save command will let us save view to many bmp files and pcx files . I think it's very easy with Brian ;D
rwfromxenon Hey, how long? How long? ::) :) :D
Kon-Tiki Have a little patience and let Brian work on it at his own pace. You don't want a half-baked SCI-Studio, just because he had to rush things.

Brian_Provinciano If I actually get some donation(s), it will be released considerably quicker. I haven't been pestering anyone, but many donate-ware programs become buy-ware when the author's work goes unrecognized. Heh, well, I'm not saying I'm going to charge for it, nor begging for donations. I've simply just come to the realization that I'm too generous, and VERY few are generous back, lol.

In all seriousness though, donations will speed up development indefinitely. It's been almost 3 1/2 years of work so far...
AGI1122 I would donate if I had the money... infact I wish I someone would donate to me so I could donate to SCI Studio. ::)

Your work is appreciated but being able to donate isn't always possible(such as my case... I am broke :P).
Omer Mor If it encourages you Brian - I play keyboards in a band called Sitra for seven years now.
It consumes lots of time and money (for recording) but nevertheless - we put our music free of charge on the internet, and it's not because we're not good enough:
lots of people love us, and we're in the top 5 metal bands in Israel...
If we were expecting to gain money out of it we would be too much disappointed I think.
As long as you love doing what you do, and as long as you don't depend on it financially, I think you better not expect to gain money for it, because it will only make you more bitter.
And BTW - I think your work is absolutly fantastic!
Brian Provinciano wrote:

In all seriousness though, donations will speed up development indefinitely. It's been almost 3 1/2 years of work so far...

In case it inspires anyone, I sent a donation a few months ago and will probably donate again from my next paycheck. I donate to several projects, when I can -- even if it's just $10 here and there. Even the smalled contributions can make a difference!
Kon-Tiki I would donate too, but I don't have the money for it (even not the slightest amount), because my only income is the monthly allowence I get from my parents, which isn't that much. I think this's the case with lots of people here, knowing that most of them here are students. There're other ways to contribute, though. People with programming skills can make some time free to do some of the work for Brian. That would also speed things up.


P.S. I really appreciate your work too. Keep up the good work!
mr-t I am going to donate, because I want to see this project done ;D.

Brian, could you please send me your snail mail address?

Kon Tiki : Use my strategy, and spend everyone elses money while saving your own ;)
Mr Croatia (Mr Hrvatska!) hey,

come on. what's the big deal for money Brian, i know tons of organisations on the net which produce FREE software, absoloutely free BloodShed software for one ( the produce compilers for programming languages & other utilities, even if i dont use their software, tons of other people do. Look at other people.

I think that you knowing that hundreds of people around the world are using your software should bring you enough satisfaction :)

Keep up the good work (& where is the SCI Studio Source Code) it's not on your much for free Open Source software.

sonneveld feel free to produce your own SCI editing suite and not ask for any donations. Brian does all this in his free time and does not demand for any donations.

If you cannot find the source, feel free to ask where it is instead of accusing him of not being open source.

bloodshed probably have way more developers and they don't write their own compilers, they borrow them from other open source projects.

- Nick
Mr Croatia. ok,

as for the source code: I HAVE ASKED FOR IT BEFORE, WHERE IS IT MAN!

Could you please put it on the web-site!

& as for donations, i don't think they're necessary!

Brian_Provinciano Hello ""/ "??"/"Mr Croatia"/"Mr Hrvatska!":
I don't understand what your problem is, but you seem to have just come here to cause problems, seeing your other posts.

First of all, I'm a young guy trying to make it in the world, and every dollar I get makes a difference. Second, I haven't begged anyone for money. And for the record, my nearly 3 1/2 years of constant, often full time work has gotten me very well under $50, almost all being a donation from a single person. The difference between SCI Studio and many other free software is that I'm ONE guy, one young guy trying to make it in this world. Most of the large free software is developed by teams, often with members coming and going. And, many free software projects have sponsors of some kind. I do not.

As for the source code, it's all there. It's always been there. I just uploaded the latest one as "" rather than "" by mistake. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT IT'S _ALWAYS_ BEEN ON THE MIRROR WITH THE CORRECT CASE. That's what mirror sites are for.

If everyone wanted a beefed up top-notch brand new adventure game engine, they can use AGS. However, people like me who grew up with classic engines like Sierra's always dreamed of making out own with them. It's the same reason people write NES and Atari 2600 stuff, for example.

You know, its posts like yours that make me seriously consider that maybe my daily hours of slaving are a complete waste. And even my slight mention of a little support is a completely outrageous demand. And I should just toss it completely, so I can spend 100% of my time on a real job to make my living. I mean, you did say "SCI is dead".

I don't know where you get off posting all these messages. After a long day's work on SCI Studio, I log on to here to check the messages, only to find your degrading posts--I'm goddamned frustrated!

Maybe SCI Studio really is a waste of time! After all, you're telling me, the one who is working on SCI day after day, that SCI is dead. Well, I guess you're the SCI expert. I guess it's a lost cause.
Mr Croatia. Sorry mate i didn't mean to offend anybody.

I for one have a vast range of Sierra SCI Games, and i will also start using your Great software when the VGA Version is released. SCI is Great, but i think you should just add one extra feature, a feature that doesn't have to be used by the people who want to make classic games & edit classic games. That feature is More Colours (16 or 32 Bit Colour Support) just for us people who want to get old games and enhance them or just go that one step ahead, but 256 colours would still be available. That's all i ask. But you do what you think is best for SCI Studio, as you said i am not the one producing it.

Well, sorry again, but i had tried to download the source code before but it didn't work, i have just downloaded it now - I just want to see how you programmed this very comlicated sofware (I am learning C++)

Keep up the good work on SCI Studio, no offence for what i said before, also your game engine is the best AGS is the biggest crap i've seen (no offence to anyone who is using it)
i got real excited when i found out about AGS, but when i started using it all of these errors and things started coming up. It is not a very good Engine.

My favourite games are Sierra games but i don't mind the modern Max Payne now and then. When will SCI Studio VGA be released, i think it's going to be great,

ciao. :D
I for one have a vast range of Sierra SCI Games, and i will also start using your Great software when the VGA Version is released. SCI is Great, but i think you should just add one extra feature, a feature that doesn't have to be used by the people who want to make classic games & edit classic games. That feature is More Colours (16 or 32 Bit Colour Support) just for us people who want to get old games and enhance them or just go that one step ahead, but 256 colours would still be available. That's all i ask. But you do what you think is best for SCI Studio, as you said i am not the one producing it.

Adding more colors isn't possible, he is writing a studio to make games... this would require an altered or new interpreter(SCI Studio has nothing to do with adding colors) which he isn't making.
Mike H I just wanted to weigh in on the Mr. Croatia stuff. I was dissapointed with the "SCI is dead' post, and reading this new apology one just makes me think that this kid is confused. I guess its hard not to be bitter when someone just slops their not-to-well-thought-out opinions up on a message board, but I guess thats life. We were all idiot kids once. Anyway, I hope that Brian Provinciano continues his project, I mean if he wants to. I've been working on my own SCI-related project for at least 4 months now, and I already feel pretty unmotivated at times. I myself made a little bookmark-folder of insperational people and the great things they're doing, to motivate me when I'm feeling lazy, and Brian's SCI Studio site made the list! Anyway, if all else fails, sabbaticals are great.
Omer Mor Can you reveal more details about your SCI-related project? sounds interesting...
Shish Hi all!
Brian! Say only one thing:
I think this will be a great product, so
please answer...
AGI1122 Well he can't exactly say that, it will be released when it is finished... not by a set date. Just be patient and it will be released in good time. Do encourage him and show him his work is appreciated though. :)
Mike H Yeah I'd love to, but I can't for some stupid reasons. Sorry for the tease.

Omer Mor wrote:

Can you reveal more details about your SCI-related project? sounds interesting...
Omer Mor Ok, we'll wait :-)
Berserk How much longer do we have to wait. Can't he release a BETA version??

I just can't wait for it to be released!

rwfromxenon Berserk>

Don't be so impatient. First of all, you go on and on that SCI is dead, and now you are going on and on about how you want a copy of SCI Studio VGA!
Make up your godd*med mind!

Eigen I think it's best for all of use to wait quietly and let Brian work on SCI Vga.
Madman Hi there, I just stumbled across this board today.

Mr. Brian, I feel your pain. You put in a lot of work and expecting little in return. I just hope that the negative threads and ungrateful people won't get to you, since there are a lot of people out there appreciating the great work you're doing. On behalf of all those people I'd like to say a big "thank you!". Keep up the good work man.
Patrik I agree! I think the SCI Studio project is very exciting, but I don't know very much about it yet. That's why I DON'T post a lot of useless shit. Brian is a great guy, he's doing a great job and doesn't demand anything in return. He certainly shouldn't have to take the shit some people post here! Go on and encourage him instead. Go Brian! A lot of people just love your work. See ya on the chronostream.
Rono Hey, that's a SQ IV quote!
Brian, I want to tell you I love and admire your work, and I only hope I could write something as widely used!
Heck, if it wasn't for you, I would never know King Arthur can eat a lizard in Conquests Of Camelot! (I was shocked when I saw that view!) ;D ;D ;D
Berserk Hey Hey,

Ok, some time has passed now. Hows SCI Studio VGA going?

And you haven't updated your web-site ( lately, when will you update it?? (Not that i'm trying to be rude ;D)

Kon-Tiki Hey, didn't even know about that site. Thanks for the link.
About the release date of SCI Vga: Let Brian work on it on his own pace. I'm sure he'll let us know when it's finished. Just try to have patience until it's finished and don't put any pressure on him. It's nor healthy for Brian nor good for the quality of SCI Vga.

RJD Good Luck Brian! ;)
The Ultimo Does anyone know if Brian took that idea of having MP3's to be a choice for sound?
I think that would be cool, and if he does it, I know the perfect music for my sci-fi game.

- Ultimo
juncmodule Nope. I've asked that one before. Brian wants things to be as close to the original Sierra engine as possible. There will be full audio (.wav) support with SCI VGA as well as MIDI support though, so you should still be able to use the song you want.

The Ultimo SWEEEEEEEET!!!!! :D
Stealth Hi
If you would like to use mp3 format in your game, and make games that match with todays hardware capacity, I would suggest you learn real programming (C++ and Assembly (assuming you can't code, sorry if I'm wrong)) and use D3D or OpenGL API.

It's quite amazing what you can do with nowaday's CPUs and GPUs.

Or ofcourse you could make more retro-style games, if you like, for dos or whatever platform.

Well, this is a bit out of topic, it's SCI Studio forum, after all.

3D game/demo/OS/app programmer
The Ultimo Well, I do know a bit of VB and a bit of C++. But I have always wanted to make a game similar to the great Sierra games, so I think it's better to just make it with SCI Studio.

Anyway, I have also started an AGS game with all the features it has. I decided to start Rulers and put it in AGS, while my bounty hunter game will still be in SCI, with maybe a conversion later.

- Ultimo
Stealth I agree, that there's something special about those good old Sierra adventure games ;D
I also like to use SCI Studio sometimes, as it's very easy and fast to make an 'oldskool' adventure game with it.

But ofcourse, SCI's a very old engine, and I mainly like to code my own engines that use the latest capabilities of graphics cards.

As a friend of adventure games, I have thought about making a modern 3D adventure game (with photorealistic graphics & stuff), as there's not much of them on the market nowadays.

Waiting for the GeForce FX to hit the streets in February...

3D game/demo/OS/app (/SCI too) programmer
The Ultimo I am at the moment having a look at the AGS Studio program. Pretty good so far, and lets you do more advanced stuff. I've actually started my Rulers game in AGS as I want that game to get all of the best features, like mp3 music and video.

I am still doing my bounty hunter game in SCI, but it will be on hold for a short while as I am working on a demo of Rulers.

- Ultimo
Sp4hn SCI VGA huh?

Would I be able to make a game that looks like the remake of Quest for Glory 1???

That would be nice!!!!!!!! :o :o :o
Pikachu14 If the original is in AGI, you can make your game look like it in AGI Studio.

If the original is in SCI0, you can make your game look like it in SCI Studio.

If the original is in SCI1 and you can draw very well, you can make your game look like it in SCI Studio VGA.
Paladinlover I don't have a credit card, if I did I'd probably donate regularly, but since I don't, all I can do is wish :(

Anyway, one thing I want to know, if SCI VGA comes out, will there ever be an SCI1 editor, the kind that you can use to edit games like QFG 2.

Till next time stay cool
Lightfoot Good question, will I be able to port my current SCI game to SCI VGA?
Eigen Yes it will be possible. :D

aaronix I apologize if these questions have already been asked. You probably get this alot.... However I'll risk asking them anywayz...

Questions about SCI VGA - will the updated picEditor have layering abilities and utilize anti-aliasing, plus gradient effects?

Will it be able to import .gif, .jpg or .tif for background tracing?

aaronix wrote:
Will it be able to import .gif, .jpg or .tif for background tracing?
Well, maybe...but not for tracing! SCI1 has bitmaps instead of vectors.
SephiRon IF I had money, I'd seriously consider donating, cuz I'm not that far away from brian (vancouver, bc) :)

While I'm also anxiously awaiting, i consider myself to be very patient and will wait for the final product, as i've had some disappointments before with beta stuff (ie. scumm revisted).

Great program overall, even so far. Although, for some reason i can't figure out why soundbox won't autoload a sound file you open from sci-studio.
Bjoern While I also think that the fact that people all over the world enjoy your softmare should satisfy freeware developers, I completely understand why Brian makes the speed of his work dependent on the amount of donations he recieves.
Even fanmade AGI games require so much work and so much free time that few AGI adventure games get complete (and I know what I'm talking about here, hehe... ;D) Think about what it takes to develop a thing like SCI Studio VGA. It requires at least the same degree of professionality that the original developers and game designers from Sierra had. Maybe even more professionality, because not only does he have to analyze and understand the work of a whole bunch of programmers, on top he also has to design and write an application that lets you create complete SCI VGA games. And Brian cannot skip or ignore a single detail of the SCI engine because everybody knows what the original SCI games were like.
The point is: Sierras original developers where not only professionals because they got paid for their work, but also because they could work exclusively on SCI projects for several years.
The only reason why Brian is not earning the same amount of money as the original developers is because he was born a little too late (No offense Brian ;D) . Also the number of people interested in SCI adventures has slightly decreased since the days when SCI was top-of-the-pops.
So I think he's trying to say: If people expect him to be as professional as a Sierra developer, they should help him to establish such a Sierra-like enviroment e.g. enough time and enough money to work exclusively on SCI Studio VGA. There are a lot of freelance programmers out there and in a perfect world Brian could pay his bills with his SCI Studio VGA project alone.

Bjoern Err... softmare was originally a typo but the longer I think about it the more it makes sense...