Updated Web Site

Joey Today, when I had some spare time and my parents werent around, I updated my web site. I added a chat room for people to talk about AGI or my games. Check it out. I also added more News in the News section.

oh yah, how does everyone make their site so popular? My site isnt that popular i dont think. i am in the webring. no one signs my guest book. i just wanted more people to use my site. I am not saying people from this board. I am just saying people in general. Is there a way i am not sure of?

anyway, please check out the chat room, i want to see how it works. i will be in until 8 i think.
Kon-Tiki I don't have a quick computer (+-160mHz), so the application takes ages to load (as with all those things.) The chat room can use some improvements (like saying who says what), but overall, it's a good chat (just a shame nobody's there when I am.)

Joey, if you want to know how many people are coming to your site, use a counter. You can get a good one at


This even marks the countries people come from.

Joey i have a counter
thanx though
mr-t You should buy a new computer, Kon Tiki ;)
Joel not a bad site, Joey. I will make one suggestion, and that is to get rid of the flashing "AGI" graphic. It's not that it's ugly or anything, but people are wired to notice movement, so it's distracting, especially with its size.

There are only two things, really, that you can do to make your site popular.

1. Have something that people will want
2. Make it as easy for them to get it as possible

It's just like making a popular game...there's no magic formula to it. Or, if you want to look at it this way, the 2 things I mentioned above are the magic formula.
Joey thanx joel.
that agi thing was an experiment. i was trying to figure out how a gif animator i have works and i tried it out by making something. i wanted to make something for my site, and the was the only thing i could think of. for now, i will keep it in, until i make something better for there.
thanx for the help and comments though. i appreciate it.
Robin_Gravel I like sites with reviews.

Robin Gravel
Joey thanx for the input robin. i hope to do a review on your game. i forgot all about it. maybe i will soon. we'll see.