Help with "Said" Commans

fck I struggle with the Said command. I have a feeling it is the way words are setup in the VOCAB file, but in the tutor there is no explanation. I want to react on the input "never say die" but Said('never/say/die') does not work. Any hint and pointers for help?
juncmodule Wow...that was crazy, but I got it....

never needs to be: noun and imperative verb

say needs to be: noun

die needs to be: imperative verb

I would play around with this some. This will obviously totally mess up your vocab for the rest of your game if you ever intend of using those words. Also, die and the death script might have issues with each other. I changed the words to the above and it worked...that doesn't mean it's the only way it will work.

Good luck, hope this helps.

One more thing, don't forget to always rebuild your resources after ANY changes you make. Don't forget to save the vocab file to the game too...I do silly stuff like this all the time....

fck Thanks, it help somewhat. Have someone sorted out what the different types in the vocabulary means? Some are obvious, but others I found puzzleing, even allowing for my very rusty grammer rules now dating back many years.