KQ1 Remake view discovery..

MusicallyInspired maybe somebody already discovered this...maybe not...

but a while ago i discovered something with the KQ remake. i took the views of the Roger Wilco EGO from SQ4EGA and put them in the KQ1 Remake directory and it worked! and not only that, it even uses the diagnal loops in the view to look like ur walkn diagnally when u press 9,7,1, or 3 on the NumPad. only problem is u cant see his head when he stands still cuz of the difference in the way the sprites were made (SQ4EGA has his headmoving around so its in a different loop). but it was interesting to see that the KQ remake supported diagnal views that Sierra (for some reason) never bothered to take advantage of.
Omer Mor I believe that SCI01 (which is used in the KQ1 Remake) is very close to the EGA versions of later SCI1 games, and maybe they are even SCI01 themselves...
But I'm no expert on this.
I think there is little knowledge so far on those EGA games as they were only rediscovered by the SCI community lately.
MusicallyInspired yes i was aware of that.

i also knew that the EGA versions of SCI1 games used SCI0 sprites but i was just pointing out that its strange that Sierra never uesd diagnal views for the ego in KQ1SCI when the game supported it.
Omer Mor That's indeed interesting.
AGI1122 Actaully some games did take advantage of the diagonal loops in SCI0. Such as code name ice man and a few others.
Brian_Provinciano Yes. As I mentioned in the old thread, SCI1 EGA games use SCI0 EGA views. The pictures, though, are slightly different.

In order to be completely compatible with their VGA versions, the EGA SCI1 games use the exact same interpreter, just with different graphic formats. So, they are kind of SCI01, but more so, just SCI1 EGA.
Brian_Provinciano Also, diagonal views are not to do with the interpreter, but the scripted class system. With a modified class system, you could make as many angles of views you want for actors and such, even in SCI0's first versions.
Omer Mor cool brian! does the template game's class system support diagonal views?