Priority Blues

Grover Is there a way to make more priorities than 16? What I'm trying to make is a wall that is only one pixel thick that will be in front of the ego when he is upstage from it and behind the ego when he is downstage from it. The problem arises when I try to place it in the middle of a priority section (e.g. priority 6), rather than on the border of two (e.g. at the very bottom of priority 6). So when the ego walks right in front of it, he is the same priority as the wall, and therefore appears behind it. Is there any way to make it so he'll always appear to be in front of it when he's in front of it aside from placing the wall on the edge of a priority? I don't think I explained this very well, but I don't know how I could explain it better. [center]Thanks, Grover[/center]
Brian_Provinciano There are only 14 priorities available in SCI0. However, in SCI1, you will be able to arrange them anywhere you want, thus being able to have a 1 pixel thick wall.

I still don't see why you can't use your existing priorities. They should still allow you to have your thin wall. If you put it on or very close to a priority line, you can get the result you want.
Grover I was wondering if there was a way to make the wall so it didn't have to be right on the priority line, and you answered my question, though somewhat inadvertently.