When do ego's die?

jelleghys When I've compared the sierra-games with the fan-made, I've noticed that in the s-games ego's die a lot more. But when do Ego's die?

* Falling of a clip
* Being eaten by a monster of some kind
* Drinking / eating poison
* Being killed by some evil (wo)man

Other ideas?
rwfromxenon There are other things, such as falling in acid, losing all your money, burn to death... Play all the Sierra games over and over and you'll get the idea
sonneveld also if you do something that will mean you can't finish the game. Like if you get locked up by the police or somebody gets too far away from you and you can't reach them.. or something like that.

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Crashing with your car, getting hit by a heavy obstacle, being humiliated in front of someone(PQ1 ;)), drowning, electrocution, unsuccesfully making/using a spell(KQ3), etc...
Everything you can imagine can be a dead sequence.

rwfromxenon hehheh,

'strangle yourself'
Kon-Tiki Heehee, the 'pee on the tree'-command (as a kid, when I got stuck in a game, I walked around, trying to pee on a tree ;D):

<pee on tree>
"You pee on the tree"
"Hmmm, why do you notice that wire just now?"
"There's a sign at the wire:"
"DANGER: 2000V"
spark spark


(hmmm, let's implement a 'pee on the tree'-command in Little Pirate ;))

When do ego's die?

When I kill him! ;)
Joey nick, how do u get arrested by another cop on pq? (im not supposed to be on. instead of me always announcing this, if i come on on monday-thursday, i am sneaking it, unless i had that day off from school.)
AGI1122 A cop doesn't lock you up, a prisoner does. If you don't do things right when putting him in his cell he locks you in the cell and escapes.
Grover Not keeping your breath minty fresh (LSL1, of course) ;)
sonneveld I wasn't talking about just police quest. you get arrested in larry at least. (won't mention where)

- Nick
Andrew_Baker When death_type>0, of course.

But serioiusly, in one of the Police Quest games, you can go on a killing spree.
blacki Yeah. In police quest three, but that's not agi. If you shoot someone you're not supposed to, it's game over and it shows the front page of a newspaper saying cop goes on killing spree or something...
Kon-Tiki When 'call(94);'

Robin_Gravel Since I'm working on Naturette 3, I should find an original way to get Naturette to die. Dying when falling off the cliff is common in many fan-made games.

Robin Gravel
jelleghys Well, that's why I asked this question... I want the ego in my game to die on original ways. Of course, I have the falling of a clip (because there is a mountain and it would be stupid if you didn't die by falling of it :))...

I now have some ideas, but not many... (it's gonna be easy for you people to play my game :-
Kon-Tiki For Naturette: what about when she wears clothes?
Some other ideas: Choking on a fly, having a piano fall on your head, chickens picking your legs until they're completely gone, boiling off your skin, getting glued to a window, etc etc.

jelleghys ;D ;D ;D

Yeah right! Why not some bug flying in your eye, you become blind, fall of a clip and die...
rwfromxenon Here's some more

Getting yourself stuck to ... yourself :o (American Pie 2)
Self - cannbelism :p (eating yourself)
Heart attack (Mind Quest - an upcoming game by me ;))
Run over by a golf buggy ::)
papercut :D
Reading Latin books (Alone in the dark) :-\
Being Posessed (KQ2) :'(
Put in a Taco and eaten by a chihuaua. 8)
Eating a Red Hot Chilli Pepper :D
Taking drugs, like in trainspotting. :-
Jelle wrote:
because there is a mountain and it would be stupid if you didn't die by falling of it :)

Remember LSL2, where you could get a lot of points by almost falling of the mountain?
First I was like "oh shit" then I was like "careful, careful!" and then like "oh noooo!" and then like "hey, wait a minute..." and then I was like "hehe, falling and scoring!!!!" and finally like "damn it! it isn't a bug..." ;D
Allyb wrote:
papercut :D

Woman nearly dies from paper cut.
mr-t Rolling a joint? :o
Kon-Tiki With gunpowder ;D

Egg head cheesy bird <Pee on tree.>
You pee on the tree.
What's that wet stuff down your front?
Thank goodness...it's only blood.
Wait a minute!
***you are dead***
It looks like you forgot that you were born with your bladder hooked up to your heart.


<Wear honey.>
You smear honey on yourself.
<Touch beehive.>


<Freddy, that jumper does not suit you>


You are teleported to just infront of a swinging axe.


<bill gates sucks>
You are struck by lighting.


Phew...I'm out of ideas... ???

rwfromxenon Hahaha. I like THAT version of pee on the tree.
mr-t Opening a gas tank and suffocating.

Not raising the landing ramp on a ship that you have hijacked. (Ahem)

egg head cheesy bird How about...if you walk for too long without sitting down your legs fall off.

If you swear too much an old lady beats you with a stick.

You stick your head through a hole and because it's got a wooden plate it's eaten by termites!

If you eat too much you explode.

If you throw up too much (too avoid the above happening) Your intestines come out.

A rabid squirrel doesn't like what you're doing to its tree. CRUNCH. OW!

You play SCI studio.
The BUGS get you!

You spam on the AGI board and get torn apart by evil moderators! :P
mr-t Be nice to SCI Studio, after all, it is free, and not even nag or trialware at that!
egg head cheesy bird wrote:

You play SCI studio.
The BUGS get you!

The bugs will be gone in the next version.

mr-t Yeah. 2.14 will be bug free, I hope. Maybe that's just a dream, like a DOOM movie or something.
ehcb Eep, sorry. It was supposed to be a good-natured joke.
Andrew_Baker You could have a game where everything was a deathtrap. Like, if you don't unplug the radio before taking a bath. Or forget to open the garage door before turning on your car and asphyxiating. Or you could get your hand caught in the blender. Or there could be an item lodged in a toaster, and all you have to get it out with is a butter knife. Or you could be doused with moth attractant and be smothered by lepidoptera. Or you could be reaching into a car trunk and have it accidentally close.
sonneveld I remember a text adventure game (interactive fiction!!) where you had to die several times just to finish the bloody game.

- Nick
ehcb That was in Curse of Monkey Island too.
rwfromxenon You didn't die in COMI, You just became unconcious.

Andrew_Baker I've been working on an idea for years where your main character actually has to die several times and be reincarnated as several different things to finish the game. I wonder if you'll get reincarnated if you die in Buddhies?

-You purchase a rocket from ACME, but that d@#$ed Road-Runner causes you to collide into a cliff, after which a boulder falls on your head.

-You tear the tag off of a mattress and the vengefull Mattress God zaps you.

-Even though the sign clearly says "Do Not Feed the Mandrills", you go ahead and feed the mandrills.

-You are convicted of spamming and are chained to a rock while vultures devour your intestines.

-You have a low-fiber diet.
Oliver I'm makeing this game>Lefty: Goes on vacation (Not in the right place).
I have got 4 screens ready and one of the screens is a bar. When you go in you see that there is some pee in the corner but when you smell it then you die.
Thats how you get killed in my game
jelleghys Gas-explosion when you turn on the light. KABOOM! ;D
rwfromxenon That reminded me of this...

<Plot> I was either going to die now
<Plot> or get 80% third degree burns atleast
<Plot> someone had the gas nob opened
<Plot> I went into kitchen
<Plot> switched a bulb
<Plot> and wham
<Plot> kitchen was filled with one big ass fire ball
<theForger> woah dude
<C--> damn
<Jyrsija> jesus
<ThaDragon> If you just blow up your kitchen, and then proceed to get on IRC and tell people about it, you might be a junkie.

People are sooooooooo stupid :D

ehcb Madness...


Might give you some ideas...

Eigen Here's another death example:

*Space ship falls down from the space killing the player
*An hightide comes and killes....
jelleghys It starts raining fridges and one of those falls on your head.
Kon-Tiki - Hehehe, your boogers riot and start eating the inside of your head.
- Drinking one too many pukejuice.
- Naming yourself 'Kon-Tiki' (or any other name, but placing 'Allen Barret' there would cause some fights ;) )
- Accidentally stabbing yourself with a turkish helmet.

rwfromxenon A William Tell type death
Being stuck inside a freezer
Eating food cooked by Raf Vermeulen
Falling in a lake
Sniffing erasers
Blowing a rubber until it explodes ;D

Allyb wrote:

Eating food cooked by Raf Vermeulen

How did you know that? I've got trouble eating my cooking myself :-\ Once made kebab-meat with cheese, eggs and mustard. Deeeeeeelicious :-X

ehcb Vegetarian kebab! ;D
Robin_Gravel Naturette frees a replicator. If you have seen stargate you know I'm talking about.

Robin Gravel
ehcb Maby there should be a game where you have to protect someone, like you're their guardian angel. 8)

That sunglassses smilie can make anything sound cool:

I like eating pasta.

I like eating pasta 8).
Andrew_Baker Cough, cough, cough, (Ico), cough
Robin_Gravel It's too sound like King's quest 1 and 2.

Robin Gravel
ehcb Did I mention I hate Sierra and vowed never to play their games again because I kept getting stuck in Willy Beamish!

I haven't PLAYED any of the games you mention and I've only just started to play amateur ones.

I just want to make an AGI game...<sob sniff> I just want to be your friend <WAHHHHH!>!

:P :P :P ;D :P :P :P
sonneveld cough cough sleepwalker cough cough

- Nick
ehcb :-\

simple, yet effective.
Andrew_Baker Of course, the ego should only die if the player does something obviously stupid. Nothing annoys me more than an AGI death with no real warning.
SGreenslade Yeah but that can ruin the surprise, though. If you notice in most sierra adventure games, as they progress into sci and further up the technology ladder, the method of deaths get few and farther between and less interesting than the old agi ego deaths. What I find really stupid though is that most games don't allow you to learn from your death. Often they just tell you you're a klutz when it comes to navigation with the direction keys or you type words too slow, well in subtle ways anyways. I know this would be too complicated and too much programming, but if anyone has a LOT of time to waste and a fanatic devotion to do so, a death count could be included in the game itself. As you die more often in the same way, you'd get hints on not how to die in that matter. Of course with certain scenes, like the octopus monster in space quest: the lost chapter, doing such a thing would only increase player frustration. But it would encourage players to rely less on saving though. I own king's quest 1 for the pcjr, the version before the agi we know and I can't even save, because the harddisk is all taken up by dos and peripherals and the 5-inch floppy disk on which it is installed doesn't have enough room to write a save game on it. I can tell you I'm pretty nervous when I climb that beanstalk.
Andrew_Baker Well, you could just rewrite the death_handler code to reincarnate someone at the most recent save location. You might have to set aside a chunk of variables for that solution, but the crudest method (Just restoring them to a room location) would just need one var for the save-point and one var for the death count.

if (death_type>0) {

Simple enough 8)
TomB Remember Larry 6?

You could go bunjee-jumping without a cord. (not agi, but a fun death anyways)
Eero R Hehe, bringing out 10 months old topics just to tell others about a funny death in Larry 6 is my favourite thing to do... ::)
Anyway, has anyone played Shadow of Destiny? Some German guy called Eike Kusch dies and he gets a chance to save his life... Then he dies again and so on. And it has 6 different endings... (Haven't played it myself, I'll play it when it's winter break, no school and too cold outside to go out.)
Kon-Tiki Is it AGI or SCI?

Eero R Neither, I just mentioned it, as it is one of the best adventures speaking about ego's death...
Oliver *You walk against a electik fence ;)
rwfromxenon Oh, God, Chris, Nick or df! Lock this topic!
Eero R Or Jelle... ;)
TomB In reply to getting heavy objects on your head:

You can also be standing in one place too long, and THEN have something heavy fall on your head. :)

BTW This actually happened last week, where a 14year old kid got a washing machine on his bike...while he was still on it (there are some pretty wierd people living in this world.. throwing washing machines out of their windows) :-\ Turns out this happens more often than you'd think.
TomB wrote:

In reply to getting heavy objects on your head:

You can also be standing in one place too long, and THEN have something heavy fall on your head. :)

BTW This actually happened last week, where a 14year old kid got a washing machine on his bike...while he was still on it (there are some pretty wierd people living in this world.. throwing washing machines out of their windows) :-\ Turns out this happens more often than you'd think.

Like in SQ1, where you go too far south of the mesa and an asteroid hits you?