Mental Conflict

rwfromxenon Hi everybody!
Looks like I have a project ready to announce :)

Okok, its still in progress, but hey, its fine to let you all know, right?

Mind Quest

Basically some dude who has a split personality has been locked in a cell and tested on by scientists in the year 2160. You are taken out for the last time and this time they are going to use the dreaded machine (gulp!) on you. An unfortunate accident.. ie everyone dies, occurs. You have to find your way out of the laboratory, off the planet and find a way to get your other self a new body.

The main personality is peaceful and enjoys logic. He is the one you will use to solve some of the harder puzzles. The other is aggressive and you'll use him to solve some of the more physical puzzles.

There will be a section on my site about it tommorrow.
rwfromxenon You can expect a demo within the next week.
rwfromxenon ...Or not.

It still is in heavy production. :-\

My webpage has a little section on it.

By the way it is the first game to have a 'boo' command so look out world!
Joey lol. your funny man.

btw [font=Verdana][/font]GOOD LUCK!!!!
Joey whoops. sorry about the font thingy.
ehcb Sounds interesting. Will you be able to switch at will or does the other personality just pop up occasionly?
mr-t Mind Quest would be cool if it had an original name, like "Ordinary Psycho" or somthing.
CapTAmerik@ That's an interesting plot!
Looking forward to the game,

rwfromxenon Well, I can say I am changing the name. It is now Mental Conflict (Thanx Raf)

Kon-Tiki You're welcome ;)

ehcb How about: Me, Myself and the boo command. ;D
Joey [font=Verdana]Mental Conflict!!!![/font] HAHAHAHAHA. LOL. Thats awesome!!!! that sounds pretty cooler than the original title actually. im looking forward to it!!!
rwfromxenon Thanks chum. 8)