Detecting Key Press Combinations

Randy How likely is it to code an AGI game where a character responds one way when a specific key is pressed, responds a different way when another key is pressed, and responds a different way yet when both those keys are pressed? I was testing to see if AGI can detect if two keys are pressed simultaneously by commenting out the existing increase/decrease volume code in Logic 000 and instead using the following code:

if (controller(key_decreasevolume) && controller(key_increasevolume)) {
print("Both Keys Pressed");

However, when I run the game and test this out by pressing both the "+" and the "-" keys simultaneously or holding one down first then pressing the other, only sometimes will it register. Why is this? Is there a better way of coding this?
Andrew_Baker What you could do is create a stack of, say, four variables. You'll need a fifth variable to keep track of the number of key presses. You'll also need a timer.

When you register the first key, you'll place its value in the first variable, increment the fifth variable, and start the timer. If you register another key press before the timer is finished, you place its value in the second variable, increment the fifth variable, and restart the timer.

When the timer ends, or all four stack variables are filled, then you can execute your "combo move" if it is valid combination.

Hope this helps.