kon tiki

Oliver Did you get my mail and can you draw them quick?
Kon-Tiki Didn't receive it yet. If you don't know my mail-adress: it's raf@patat.org

Oliver I'm going now and i'm coming back tomorrow so kon-tiki if you get the mails then draw the pictures (i did mali you samples what you must draw) and send them to me my mail is : olluke@hot.ee or leftymail@hot.ee and then I'll have a look at them see you tomorrow
Kon-Tiki Ok, got the mail, but there were no samples with it ::).

Oliver I did send you 3 mails (two of them with pictures)
Kon-Tiki Ok, got them a couple of days ago. I'll be drawing your samples soon and send them back then.

CESS.tk People! People! Please use private messages.
Oliver Sorry i forgot m mistake (im really sorry)
Steven Melenchuk ...perhaps lock this topic, as it's already out of control. ;P
Sami_Tervo Nah, just rem this!
mr-t This whole topic is kind of pointless. It deserves to be deleted (like spam or something.)
Kon-Tiki Although I find a topic with my name quite fun, I agree with the rest. This topic should be removed. The things said here should be said using pm's. Nobody cares what's said here, there's just no point in caring.

sonneveld locked by popular demand.

- Nick

PS, the author of the thread can lock it too. Just select the "lock after post" option when you post a reply.