juncmodule ??? I seem to be having problems getting an actor to trigger a door. It always tells me I'm too far away if I use (aDoor:open()). Is there a way to have the actor *trigger* the controls? *oops*
Brian_Provinciano You need to create control areas with a selected colour on the picture for doors. One colour is the door's area (ie. tells the interpreter the actor is close enough if they are on it). Please do the tutorial from top to bottom, as there are two chapters which create the door for the finished game.
juncmodule Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear about that. I meant "actor" not "ego". I have a character walk into the room, do stuff, and then I want him to walk out of the room. Problem is I can't get the door to open for him. I've dug through every message on this board and all over the tutorial...I can't find anything.
Right now I'm using show() and hide() on my door and it looks rather silly.
Also, my actor (not ego) stops at the doorBlock() control. I'm using, is there a way to make autodoor respond to "actors" as well as "ego"?

Is there a such thing as a beginners/newbie board? Maybe one should be started. I put up a post the other day and about 30 people looked at it and no one responed :( . I get the feeling I'm annoying people here. I thought this was the place to put my newbie questions. Not a very encouraging atmosphere for someone that is taking on something like SCI Studio :'( . I really love this program but, it is a lot to learn. Sometimes things are missed. A simple response like "oh that's in chapter 3 of the tutorial" would be sufficiant...and friendly. If your not interested in moderating a newbie board I will offer my services. I've become rather familiar with it. If a question escalates beyond my scope I can just post it here.... Just a thought. I want to make sure this community grows. ;D

Thanks for your time,
mr-t Chill, Dude. I agree that these boards are a bit newbie-unfriendly, though.
Brian_Provinciano There's no need for a newbie board. This board is small enough that splitting it up wouldn't make sense.

To open/close doors, just do something like:




See the help file for it's methods and properties.

I don't check this board every hour, and sometimes miss messages I mean to reply to. If your message isn't replied to, no one is trying to be unfriendly. There are many other newbies here too, who just can't answer your questions.
juncmodule Does (Door:open()) only work when "AutoDoor" is used? After I posted the original messaged I changed my door to "AutoDoor". Now it works fine. Before with just "Door", it always checked to see if the ego was on the control when I used (Door:open()).

Confusing :P.

Thanks for your help. I didn't mean to sound like I expect "you" to respond to my message. It's just when your typing in (Door:open()) and you think THAT should work and the tutorial and help file say nothing about it not's a little annoying to recieve a response pointing me to the very thing I've been going over and over again. Maybe I'm stupid and just don't understand it. As far as my ignored message that was in fact not really directed toward you at all. I was asking for help that perhaps you could have provided but, more importantly, I was looking for other fan made games so I can refer to their source code, and perhaps bother less people here. Is there really NO ONE else with a completed demo? I know that you don't post some things on the AGI SCI site because maybe they are just too unfinished, I was hoping to benefit from some of those unfinished demos/games. For example: Some guy called "joe" a while back posted a game where you can "fire a gun" or something. The link is dead and the game is gone. Getting my hands on that sourcecode would allow me to aviod asking the question of how to appropriatly map keys to actions....

oh well, I didn't mean to offend anyone and I wasn't upset about anything. I just thought maybe those annoying questions needed a place to go besides here... but, if not...that's cool.

thanks again,

mr-t To get autodoor to work, make it a normal door, and change "Door" to AutoDoor and "use door" to use autodoor

Blue plays the door opening animation
Green transfers the ego to the next room
juncmodule I have the "ego" part covered. I was having problems with actors (non-player controlled). I still can't get my non-player controlled character to ignore the door control. I'm going to try aMan:init() ignore:doorControl() or something like that today. I'm pretty sure I have tried that and it fails.


Hey, by chance do you know how to pass an item into an non-player characters INV? Everytime I set this up the script compiles just fine but, then the game crashes (oops you tried something we didn't think of error).


Thanks for the help,