Little Pirate Demo ready

Kon-Tiki Johoho and a bottle of rum! The demo of 'Little Pirate' is ready! You can download it at Please let me know of all the bugs, comments and suggestions you have. I'll fix that as soon as I can (but not today anymore.) -Kon-Tiki-
Kon-Tiki Ok, already fixed some bugs. I also have to warn everyone that it seems to be unbelievably difficult.


(Arrrrgghh, another star!)
Andrew_Baker It's not that hard... really... I just missed a few things. Good demo... download it NOW!!
Rainer hey nice demo. I havent had a good chance to play it properly yet, but one big bug I notice is that when you try to leave the town, it continues to walk down, and constantly display a message. All you have to do to turn ego around after displaying the message.
Andrew_Baker Right,
ego_dir=1; //Inserted code
rwfromxenon This game rocks! 8)
I know a lot of work has gone into this first demo and I must say that its very impressive.

Well done Kon - Tiki! ;D
Luke I've started playing the Little Pirate, it's really good, but I don't know what to do after I've given the brothel key to the Captain and he won't let me join his crew!
Also, I was wondering if you were going to add any music to the game, Kon-Tiki?
Kon-Tiki There'll be music in the game, but as I'm a music dummy, somebody else's going to make the music. I'm still waiting until he has more time free. I've got some Midi's here that would be perfect, but I won't use them. They're copyrighted by Disney. If somebody wants to make tempary music (music that'll no longer be used when the other music's finished (quality will be better, whatsoever (.xms))), feel free to do so. I'll implement it. Btw: I'll give you a hint: you can climb in the boat. Try not to YELL while doing that. (maybe I said too much ;)) -Kon-Tiki-
Joey hey that code will help my game alot. i couldnt figure that out. thanks andrew.
Kon-Tiki Whatcha talking 'bout, matey?

Joey andrew posted code on this topic that will help me out. i have a problem and that WILL fix it. i know it will. it is a better way than the way i do it.