I still need a drawer

Oliver Joey do you want to draw for my game or not (Answer quick)? :-\ :'(

Ps!: Is there anyone who can draw in AGI????????? ??? ???
Sami_Tervo If you don't receive any answer I recommend you to draw them by yourself and convert with vector. Just do the visual-pics.

After that you could e.g. release some sort of pre-version to lure somebody to yer project and ask for artist again.

Maybe someone likes your games idea and goes for it.

Joey im not supposed to be on the pc right now so i cant write much. i dont like to draw. i would rather write some source.
Kon-Tiki If you send me some scans, I can draw the visuals for you. I don't like/can't really do the priorities, so that'll be up to you.

jelleghys I'll draw the priorities if you want me to.
mr-t If you don't understand priorities, do that tutorial by (someone) :)
jelleghys Juha Terho for example. I like his tutorial:


But I still want to do the pri's...
Kon-Tiki And I still want to do the visuals. (I think I'll make myself a part-time freelance drawer, making the visuals for those who want. That'll be a great way to gain experience so I can make better and better graphics.)

Oliver Ok kon-kiki and Jelle.Kon kiki I'll mail U what you must draw ond Jelle when kon-kik has the picture ready i will mail it to you and you can do the pri ;D
Oliver And Joey If i need some with the logic then i'll mail you the logic