a few questions

Joel is it just me, or is the WORDS.TOK section of the AGI Specs far from adequate? I couldn't figure out how the end of a word was determined until I looked at the example code, the AGI Studio source code and the NAGI source code...where does that 0x80 stuff come from? I don't see any mention of it in the AGI Specs whatsoever.

also, I'm considering the possibility of making the graphical editor for the BLG able to generate code for doors. I of course know how to implement them, but what's the most efficient implementation you can think of? I would say that in the case of multiple doors, it would be more efficient to use a temp. var to store a number corresponding to which door is being interacted with and to reuse the flags rather than have multiple flags for each door. any other optimizations anyone can think of?
Joel just found the explanation for the WORDS.TOK thing in an old version of the AGI Specs...wonder why that was removed in version 3.0??
sonneveld I encountered a few errors in the agi specs when I was working on NAGI. The specs sorely need an update though.. preferably in the current docbook format however, so you can easily convert it to pdf/doc/html whatever..

- Nick
Parabola i like your idea of adding doors to blg since i am planning many many screens for my game .

hope it works out
Andrew_Baker When dealing with doors, I either determine my distance from the object representing the door, or use obj.in.box to determine which door i'm interacting with. However, you'll notice there aren't many doors in VG.