Problem with SCI VGA view

AGI1122 I have been having a problem with a specefic view in the SCI VGA view editor, after I save it, the second cel in this view gets distorted a bit at the bottom, no matter how many times I fix it and save it, when I load it again the distortion is back.

The view is at

Anyway to get past this? All of my other views work just fine, this is the only view that does this.

Proabably a bug in the view editor, so hopefully it will be fixed.
juncmodule ? I think I'm missing something. Was that SCI *VGA* View Editor?
AGI1122 Yes it IS the SCI VGA View editor. I am making VGA views.
Brian_Provinciano All of my VGA tools other than the compiler are untouched up versions with many flaws, and most unreleased. I'm not going to bother releasing a new version until SCI Studio VGA. The current version I've done, though more functional, has more loose ends too.
AGI1122 Oh well, at least most of the views come out ok, only 2 views so far have had distortion, and they only distort at the bottom of the view.

Well anyway, good luck with SCI Studio VGA, can't wait to see it. :)
Brian_Provinciano It was my 8bit VGA compression code, which I have since fixed. I ironed it out for my picture editor, then copied and pasted :)