AndrewM hey everyone, im really having trouble with Ravi's sound editor. when i import a midi file into it, and save it as a sci sound resource, then load it into a game, all i can hear are the drums, does anyone know what i can do to hear all the instruments?? thanks in advance
juncmodule Go to 'Edit' and open the 'channel properties' box. Make sure you have the file set up to play on the same device(driver) you are using to play midi files.

good luck.

AndrewM i did that before, they are all set on general midi which is the driver i use but i still only hear drums
Ravi Are you using gm.drv or mpumidi.drv? For imported MIDI files, the correct driver would be mpumidi.drv. It's available at

The names are a little confusing. The gm.drv driver is for playing MT-32 tracks on a GM device. I called it that long before even thinking about how to deal with actual GM tracks.
AndrewM ahhh that did the trick, thanks a lot.