Help getting games to run on a 486!

Jonsauce I just got a brand spankin new 486 in the mail (well maybe not so new) and Im trying to get my SCI games to run on it. Its been forever since Ive had a computer like this, and when I did have one I was a kid (8-12 yrs old) so I didnt know all that much about tweaking it.
I was wondering if anyone has any tips for getting a mouse to work and for getting SCI games to run. I need to free up between 15000 and 5000 bytes to run the games I want. The system has 8mb of ram on it, so I know theres plenty of it. I just dont remember the lines to change / add in the config.sys and/or autoexec.bat .
If anyone has any tips or any links to sites with tips I would be grateful.
mr-t You will need to load mouse drivers. These are available either off the internet, or should be on a disk somewhere. Once the mouse drivers are loaded (You should put a "MOUSEDRIVER.EXE" line in your autoexec.bat), tell the setup program to use the mouse.
sepulchrave there are some mouse drivers that take almost no memory at all - and works great, i had a special driver that came with the simcity game. it was very good :)

take away unnecessary things to load in config/autoexec. if it's a later dos version try to use the memmaker.exe program - sometimes it made wonders

good luck :)
Omer Mor I remember using QEMM for memory management ... it was pretty good
Jonsauce WOOOHOOOO! Thanks guys! I got myself a mouse driver off the internet that works. The memory program really really did the trick (I have DOS 6.22). So far all my old games that Ive tested are running!
Now my only problem is that I lost my QFG 2 3.5' Disk 9. Would it be wrong to ask someone to email me the files on the disk since I can't buy it in stores? Or is that something that would be okay to do? Im totally against software pirating so I dont want to do it if its wrong.
Thanks again for your help.