The Missing Floppies

Pikachu14 There's a gap in the Larry series, and another one just as big in Larry's memory.

I was wondering if it would be feasable to use SCI Studio (preferably VGA) to fill this gap, SpaceQuest:TLC style.

I'd build the game myself, but if anybody wants to write the backstory, be my guest!

Things to keep in mind:
- Larry and Patti should start at Roberta's cottage (Coarsegold?)
- Julius Bigg (from LSL5) should play an important role
- Larry should end up at PornProdCorp and Patti at the Piano Pit.
The rest is up to you.
rwfromxenon Don't forget the fact that there must be an accident where Larry loses his memory!!! ;D
Pikachu14 That's because Julius wipes out the game in the end.

I can see it now: pwetty 256 color graphics, and in the end - *BEEP* and a faked C:\> prompt.
Kon-Tiki Hehehe. Hehehe. Hehehe. Hehehe. That's funny. If you want, I can help writing the story, but I don't know about the details (like Larry losing his memory?).

Pikachu14 Simply put, because the game gets wiped by Bigg, Larry has no memory of the events described therein. It's a video game hero quirk. And please, be my guest!
Kon-Tiki Thanks.
Ok, I'll ask Al Lowe if he remembers part of the story (that'll even put more Larry-feel to it) and do some research on that Biggs-character first (don't remember him, it's been far too long since I played LSL.)

I'll let you guys know what I've got after that, so you can tell what has to be in it and what doesn't.

Pikachu14 I don't know where you are, but if you're REALLY gonna see Al, tell him I said "Hi".
rwfromxenon Hey, I'm all for it! If you want I can help with views and some of the scripting.
Pikachu14 All help is accepted, but we haven't even started yet.

is a great help for finding a way to contact him (I'm not going to travel half the world while there's school tomorrow ;).) Just a mail will do the trick.
Btw: Check out that site, it's great!

Pikachu14 F*ck, I should've known, had too many diet cokes.

Been there, done that, laughed my fuzzy butt off.
Kon-Tiki Ok, mailed him. While waiting for him to reply, I'll go play LSL5 (while I'm not working on 'Piraatje', that is.) Let's hope he can help some way or another.

mr-t Wasn't Larry 4 a (pre) internet adventure game? SCI was converted to be ready for multiple players, but it all fell over when Sierra realized that thousands of people playing over their phone lines wouldn't be fesable (sp?) and abandoned Larry 4.

An internet SCI game (like Everquest or something) would kick ass!
rwfromxenon Yes, but it was never released.
Brian_Provinciano After that internet thing, LSL5 was going to still be LSL4. Then Al decided as a joke to call it LSL5 (more info on his site).

I think it's neat how there's no LSL4, so maybe you could make something in between other LSL games, like LSL1.5 or LSL5.5? You don't have to, I just think it would be cooler. BTW, there's an LSL: Missing Floppies being developed by someone with AGS.
Brian Provinciano wrote:

BTW, there's an LSL: Missing Floppies being developed by someone with AGS.

I don't care! Don't ruin my fun!
sonneveld Why even bother with a number? Indiana Jones never had sequel numbers...

Leisure Suit Larry and the something something..

After Larry 5, the games were all disconnected from each other, so you can just put Larry in a crazy situation and see what you get.. I guess..

- Nick
Brian_Provinciano Cool down. I'm not trying to run your fun at all. I was just pointing it out. I'm looking forward to your game.
Pikachu14 Well, tell Mr. Bunny Bunny Foo Foo you're sorry too! :'(
Brian_Provinciano Huh? I made a simple comment. It's nothing I need to apologize for.

I just stated that there is already a game under development by the same name with the same concept. There's no need for sarcasm on this board.
CapTAmerik@ Leave Pikachu14, I'm sure he's only joking.

Right? (Or maybe it's C16 in disguise, wouldn't that be something... somebody check his IP-address!!!)


Or maybe it's C16 in disguise, wouldn't that be something... somebody check his IP-address!!!

Nope they don't have similar IP addresses. :P
Pikachu14 Told you I had too many diet cokes! ;D
Kon-Tiki Ok, answer from Al Lowe. He says:
You need to read my website more carefully, Kon. I answer this on there.
Be careful about using Sierra's intellectual property; they can always force you to
stop. Why not make something of your own? Original? Then no one can take it away
from you.


Do with this what you like. If you decide to continue LSL4, I'm still willing to write the story.

Pikachu14 I'm not afraid of Sierra. Are you?
rwfromxenon NEVER! (mommy, I'm scared. Make the evil company go away)
Pikachu14 You got Scumsoft and Sierra mixed up.
Kon-Tiki How're they going to find out? And, even if they did, they stopped selling those games, so making another one which fits in the others can't be that wrong. Let's just ignore Sierra and do what we like.

You're still in LSL4? Then I'm still in too (don't like working on a dead project ;).)

sonneveld I'm glad you got a reply.. I sent one months ago and then sent another one to make sure he got it.. he said he was still getting through them all... *sigh*

anyway.. I would still be careful with directly copying anything of Sierra's. Even the fanmade Space Quest 7 is officially called SQ7 to avoid trouble.

- Nick