Menu bar?

Pikachu14 Since there is a status line in SCI1 (as proven to me by Space Quest IV (and XII, and X), I was wondering if the SCI0 menu bar was still there as well. If not, can it be faked with a button bar? I guess so...
Lars Skovlund That would depend on the SCI version. If I recall correctly, the status bar and menu bar functionality
always appear together, so the interpreter from SQ4 most likely has both.
I'm not sure about the one Brian uses (and won't bother to check just now),
but it might be possible to use the interpreter from the floppy version of SQ4
(the CD version is SCI1.1, so it won't do). The interpreeter from LSL6 definitely
includes both, but it is SCI1.1 and won't be supported.
Pikachu14 Then I'll just play safe and draw a menu bar like button bar...IF I add a menu bar at all! ;D
Brian_Provinciano I'll have to check, but I'm almost certain the SCI1 version I'm using supports it. It's just that Sierra, wanting to make it as simple as possible, replaced all the menu items with the control buttons in the game window (load/save/quit/etc.). That being said, there's usually isn't a need for one, but I'm pretty sure it's available. I'll throw in the SCI0 menu code to try it out later.