HELP AGI STUDIO 3.0 ain't working

Phill i cannot make anew game with the agi studio(latest 1) it says that the directory i use is not valid, i made sure there was nothing in the directory b4 i used it and the error still comes up PLZ HELP
Kon-Tiki Thought v1.35 was the latest... Never heard of v3.0. No wonder it doesn't work, it doesn't exist ;D. It should work in v1.35.

Parabola were you trying to make a new game from the template?
Phill It dosn't work if i use Blank or Template and yeah its not 3.0 its 1.35v soz ppl bout that but it still don't work
Nailhead Instead of creating a new game, try opening the template which comes with Agistudio and start writing your game from that.
Oliver What's the games script or it a action game? :-\