BLG feature suggestions

Joel I'm strongly considering replacing the "Ego Positioning" section of the Base Logic Generator with a more general and also graphical positioning editor that would allow people to point and click to specify not just where they want ego to be positioned but also where anything should be positioned.

So far, the functionality I imagine it needs is as follows:

- ego positioning, of course...with pretty much the same organization as now (source room plus abs. positioning)
- local define name editor (separate from the position editor)
- handling of inventory objects, including "if (" stuff
- commands

there's probably more it could use, so I'm willing to take suggestions. Of course, I'm not making any promises that I'll implement every suggestion but right now it looks like the graphical editor could easily become a reality. I've already got code to load picture resources and display them integrated into the BLG. I've got code to load and display view resources that could be integrated with the BLG fairly easily.
Joel I forgot to mention just generic positioning of objects that are always in a room but that may be animated (such as characters).

Maybe a feature to randomly place objects, such as animals running around?