mr-t I have decided that it would be a good time to post an apology about my negative tone lately. The reasons I am doing this is because :
A) I have been getting wasted by Brian quite a bit lately, and really don't want to piss him off
B) It is not appropriate to slam games, I might be offending someone that likes them quite a bit.
C) And last, but not least, I don't want to become the next [glow=red,2,300]C-16[/glow] (That guy had serious problems... :-
Brian_Provinciano Okay. I don't personally take offsence to people slamming other people's game, but I want to keep this place as nice as possible. It's just that you posted a message slamming a game with the blatant words "Larry 2 sucks", and I told you to keep it down. Then, you posted some more stuff about another game sucking, then another, and as the moderator trying to keep the peace, I had to comment.

I feel that if people want to slam Sierra games, there are other places to do it.
Arlo Yeah, people in a chatroom I like to go to have been spreading stories about me too. Something about me asking 14 year old girl for nude pics. I know how you feel, man. :'(
Grover Yeah, people have been spreading rumors about me, too...something about "please, my parents are rich, just let me out of the basement" and that I don't use real dog in my hot dogs...It's hard to set the record straight. :-
CapTAmerik@ Wouldn't rich parents be an unique and sole reason to keep them IN the basement? You can probably earn more money that way... ;)