Two more odd bugs in SCI Studio?

Steven Melenchuk 1) The removal-of-cel-0 bug lives on, but in different form! This seems to be somewhat erratic, but sometimes when adding a new loop to a view, cel 0 of loop 0 will be deleted.

2) On a not-quite-related note in the View editor, when editing a loop that's a mirror of another loop, occasionally some or all of the cells in the source loop will take on the appearance of their equivalent cells in the edited loop before the editing takes place.

2) sounded a little unclear, so I'll give an example...

Take Template guy. Go to loop 0, and start modifying the view. Switch over to loop 1, and lo! The cel 0 you see isn't the mirror of your newly-changed cel, but the exact same as cel 0 of loop 0... even the same orientation!

Both of these bugs seem to be erratic, but they ARE annoying. ;)
rwfromxenon I think I found another bug, I was playing around in Hero's Quest (QFG1) and it had some errors when i was looking at some pic resources.
Brian_Provinciano I'm looking into the add new cel bugs, but I think that the messed up views were the result of 8-bit/24-bit bitmaps being mixed. I'm working on making sure it's all 8-bit.