W00t. Demo be done.

happyturk2 No idea how I managed to work up the motivation to pull this together in two days, when it's been sitting in an almost-finished-but-untouched state for months, but the first version of the demo of my game is... done. o_o H'okay, yeah. Anyway. The webpage is at http://www.sentai.org/~happyturk/tq.htm It was basically the idea of... take the end of my favorite RPG and give the spotlight to the minor villians who never got a voice or half an chance in the original game. It's not necessary to be familiar with the game to play it through, but it helps to appreciate the development. There are some summary files on the webpage, several downloads, and screenshots. Here's hoping all that work(and all the pestering I've done on here) have been worth it. And here's hoping I eventually finish it. You guys rock.
Andrew_Baker Just downloaded your demo. It's really well done. You need to work on the possible things people could type, but I think it's a fine job.
Rainer very nice demo. great graphics. looks like you have a good grasp on agi and logic programming.
Joey EXCELLENT JOB MAN!!!! That is incredible!!! Wicked nice!!! The graphics are awesome. Nice intro. Keep up the good work!! Maybe I will release a demo of DQ2 once I get more work done. Well, excellent job. keep up the good work.
Kon-Tiki Kick-the-cat-and-call-it-Bill! This is one heck-of-a-game. Magnificent intro, great graphics, original and good story and wicked puzzles. It's got a great difficulty which makes it a challenge. This game has surpassed Sierra!

Great job. Hope to see the full game some day.

happyturk2 ..wow. This is high praise. Not entirely deserved in my opinion, but it was still nice to wake up to.

Yes, I'm working on expanding the vocabulary, though I would say it's probably more responsive than most games in 'demo state' out there. Still needs more. Arrgh, perfectionism.

Needs more sound, too, and I'm working on finding a good midi composer so that I can work on that.

As for the puzzles and difficulty level, that's something I'd definitely like feedback on. Because it's hard to perceive how easy/difficult a puzzle set is when you're writing it and know each piece of it intrinsically. Sort of lose the big picture in the details. I tried to make them not -easy-, but intuitive at least, and there are clues both visually and in the various things you can look at, but again, I've lost sight of the end result.

And yeah, the rest of the game should come faster now that I finally figured out how to use picedit effectively; for the longest time, I had no idea that it was basically saving a list of instructions, and that you could go back and edit them and keep the ones after. It's now much easier to use, but that's obvious.

Anyway, thank you all for the feedback!
happyturk2 Okay. There were a -lot- of bugs in the first release of that demo, and a lot of things I simply forgot to add. The version up as of now is 'fixed' for the moment. It's not a big difference, but a little external testing will do wonders...
Nailhead Excellent demo! The graphics and puzzles are really nice. I'm stuck though, although I've found a way to pick the lock, I'm trying to find some leverage to open the cell door. I don't need any hints, I'll keep playing through it.

I see awesome efforts so far, keep it up!
Eigen Very good demo. Great graphic! So get on working with the full version.