Lamest SCI Series

mr-t I choose King's Quest! (I have always hated it...)
Robin_Gravel I like all the Sierra sci series.

Robin Gravel
Jonsauce I like them all also...but I chose LSL cause I've never played any of they must suck ;D
Brian_Provinciano I don't want to cause trouble, but why are you constantly posting things like "Larry 2 sucks" and "King's Quest! (I have always hated it...) " and "Lamest SCI Series".

Sure, it _is_ SCI related, but I told you before, as the moderator, I want to keep this board as positive an atmosphere as possible.

BTW Jonsauce, I believe in freedom of speech, but you can't really say "LSL sucks" because you've never played them. That's like being a movie critic without watching movies.

Yes this is an SCI board. Yes it is for anything related to SCI. However, it wasn't put up to slander games which great people have put so much work into.
Joe And I admire all Sierra SCI games, so saying that any of them 'sucks', makes me a little agitated.
AGI1122 I pretty much like all the series... this is a ridiculus topic. :P
Kon-Tiki This is actually a very good question, as long as the people who vote put there arguments with it. I don't think something like 'I've never played it, so it must suck' is a good argument. If the argument is good, people making games can look at them and try to avoid those things, thus improving the quality of the games.

I voted for Ecoquest. I played it through the intro and just a into the game, but then I was really tired of it. The characters were too clich
HwM It's not an unfair question, but constantly bashing (SCI) games kinda is... We had some sort of topic a while ago, "Fav SCI game", which went perfectly well (also included 'constructive' criticism)...

And EcoQuest is a kiddie game! What'd you expect?
Omer Mor Come on guys - give this man some slack.
He wasn't bashing - he was just joking.
If you read the begining of his message he said he likes all the sci games...
Your reactions would be justified if someone here was constantly bashing sierra's games and made this board a war zone.
But it's clearly not the case - this board is doing great so far and it's fun to talk about your favorite games with people who understand that.
So don't be so alert the moment someone says something like LSL sucks with a grin. You know he doesn't mean that.
As for myself - Every SCI game is a gem. it's a shame they didn't make more but with SCI Studio we can finally make some ourselves...
rwfromxenon If you notice, Omar, Robin_Gravel said that he likes all the SCI games, not Mr T
Omer Mor I was refering to Jonsauce, not Mr. T, and what he said was "I like them all also...but I chose LSL cause I've never played any of they must suck ;D"
and many people didn't get his joke and said he can't judge a game without playing it.
I think he wasn't judging, just trying to be funny, and that's why he put a smiley in the end, and said that he likes all sci games.
Steven Melenchuk Personally, I'd suggest locking this topic before it gets out of hand...
rwfromxenon good idea
Jonsauce Hey- Sorry guys, i guess Im not that funny. I don't really thing that Larry games suck...they just happen to be the only SCI series that I never played. I liked all of the other ones and I think I would have liked LSL also. There just wasn't an option for "I liked them all" so I thought I'd put my vote in anyways. I guess this was supposed to be a serious poll and I was joking around when I shouldn't have. I didnt mean to offend anyone and I apologize if I did. EDITED TO SAY: I didnt notice the 'Other' option in the poll, i should have put that instead.
rwfromxenon By the way Mr. T, if you go on bashing Sierra games like you do, you reeeeaaaaallllly suck. >:(
Kon-Tiki Can a member lock topics too?

Nailhead Oh man, what a sad thread this is.

Lock it, lock it good!
Robin_Gravel This topic is doomed. Please lock it!

Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon LOCK THIS TOPIC NOW!!!
It is sad to see this stuff... actually, delete the thread. It has no right being in this section.