Look familiar?

mr-t [attachment deleted by admin]
mr-t [attachment deleted by admin]
Rainer wow! it looks like they totally ripped off sierra. from which game is that pic?
mr-t Crystal Caves. http://www.3drealms.com
rwfromxenon Crystal Caves. I think it was 1991. Apogee totally ripped off Sierra.
Kon-Tiki Crystal Caves from Apogee? The game that looks a lot like SAM (Secret Agent) from Apogee? Never seen those pics in that game, although I've played the game an awful lot of times. Are they in a terribly well hidden secret level I didn't find in all those years?

HwM Crystal Caves used the same engine as Secret Agent... They were both released by Apogee...
df crystal caves totally rocked! that was a cool puzzle game. nearly as good as paganitzu
rwfromxenon I loved the level where everything was upside - down. I must admit that I cheated and turned the monitor upside down too... ;D
mr-t I don't know if it is a secret or anything, I just found the pic on the 3D Realms website, and thought you guys would be interested.
Kon-Tiki It's nice that you've found that. Does it say where exactly the pics are in the game? That would rock. Then we can go see for ourselves (and play that game too, while we're at it ;D).

btw: I turned the screen upside-down too while playing Prince of Persia and drunk the wrong potion ;)