BLG 2.0 Release + source code

Joel all right...I've finally got the BLG 2.0 to a release version and, as promised, the source code is also available for download:

Because BLG 2.0 is now a release version, I am no longer providing BLG 1.0 for download. It seems a waste of my webspace. BLG 2.0 does more than BLG 1.0, and everything BLG 1.0 did, BLG 2.0 does better. So, if you're a user of BLG 1.0 and you haven't moved up to BLG 2.0 yet, now's a good time to do it. And if you're a user of BLG 2.0, this version includes a few bug fixes.
sonneveld one thing I just noticed when running it, I get a lot of "normal" registry key is missing errors.. perhaps it would be better to just mention this if it can't write a key? or one "inserting keys into registry" message?

- Nick
Joel oops...I actually forgot that stuff was in there; I'm not in a programming mood right now, but I'll fix it up tomorrow and make another build; after the first run (as long as the BLG exits normally) those messages shouldn't ever appear again. They really shouldn't appear again if you've run the older versions, either (which is how I forgot about them), but if you're running the new release on a different computer or if the keys have been deleted from your registry they'll come up again.
Joel ok...I've uploaded another build of the BLG. When this one can't open registry keys, it simply displays a single message that says, basically, that settings couldn't be loaded. I've also uploaded the source code again with these modifications.