Ravi The re-write of Soundbox for editing SCI0 sound resources is now available from It is functionally similar to the previous version with known bugs squashed. It was also written in VSNET as opposed to VS6, which may affect distribution. Please let me know if you have any problems running it.

Soundbox includes Rickard Lind's MT-32 to GM patch mapping code, taken from FreeSCI.

Soundbox is released under the GNU GPL. Source code and a VSNET project are available from the same page as the binary package.
Brian_Provinciano Excellent job! The only problem is it's not statically linked, so it requires MFC70.DLL to run, which I don't have.

Keep up the great work!
MusicallyInspired how come i cant see anything on the site!?!?!? all i see is back buttons to go back to the main page and its the same with every other section there....all empty please!

can u just put the link to the zip or whatever so i can download it directly if i cant see the page?
Joe For us unfortunate fellows that are unable to view the site properly, the link is: Copy and paste, as usual.
Joe I don't possess that DLL either, so I am unable to view your program.
AGI1122 No need to copy and paste:

You just need to know what your doing. Use this code:

Joe Chris, I knew what I was doing. I just prefer not using YaBB code. Assumption is not always a good thing.
Joe Actually, the real reason was that I noticed the tilde before I was about to post the message, and was too lazy to bother using the code. :)
MusicallyInspired yes i thought of viewing the html source code and copy/pasting the link and got it...i cant run it cuz of the dll file either tho. and i overwrote the old program :( ops.
Ravi Oops. Sorry for the problems. A statically linked binary is now up at

The blank pages are bad news. I'll be sure to change them as soon as I can get the time together. What browser and platform are you folks running?
Joe I'm using IE5 with Win2k. Just out of curiousity, what program do you use to produce your web pages?
Ravi I write pages by hand. The original idea had been to play around with CSS while still using standard HTML that would render in non-CSS browsers. I probably did something to break browsers that don't support all the CSS features I'm using.