Lefty has got an homepage

Oliver About 1 hour back i started makeing an homepage to my new game Lefty: Goes on vacation
Try going to the page about in 10 minutes if it doesn't work then answer to this topic

Kon-Tiki They don't seems to work, I just come on a screen with a circle, and then on a screen with a strange language in which I can't navigate (because I don't know what's said there ;))

Joey yah, same here, i cant read a thing. Its not my language.
Eigen You can't understand it because it's in Estonian. Me and Oliver are both from Estonia. The sentence "VABANDAN, EI OLE VEEL J
Mastercard Well, if it is estonian I should be able to understand most of it cause I'm a finn^^
Sami_Tervo Hmm, viroa. Ihan selv
Oliver The page should be up now try it and thanks eigen for the help ::)