New ideas for Arcade sequence/s

Parabola Anyone out there got any ideas for arcade sequences we haven't seen before?

I am planning for at least one and possibly several for my new game (working title Renegade).

Oliver Is it an adventure game or........ ??? :o
Parabola yes it is primarily an adventure, however i want the character to have to do other things.

I think it breaks up the game a little, and hopefully it will be fun. Kinda like the astro chicken games in SQ 3/4. The skimmer in SQ1. Battle cruiser in SQ5. Stooge fighter in Sq6 etc.

there will be action parts in the game as well as puzzle solving elements and exploration.

a fair chunk of the story revolves around a conspiracy. thats all i can say for now.
Oliver When I can play the demo or something like that

Ps: I'm making an home page right now I'm finishing it right now do you want to see it?
Andrew_Baker Okay, it's toot mein own horn time. I've been working on Voodoo Girl: Queen of the Darned since Methuselah was a pup. While it ain't quite feature complete, I've got some rolling boulders (Scripted animation + some collision detection), a Dance Dance Revolution spoof (some key-capture stuff), and I'm also going to be coming out with an alpha this weekend (REAALLY!!!) that's going to have a fishing game, a swimming game, and few other tidbits. I free-source all my code, so check out my website and download a copy. I'd suggest Sunday at around 1 AM CST.
mr-t A top-down shooter like "Commando" would be cool.
Andrew_Baker What you'll need is an ego drawn from the top-down. Simple enough.

You'll need at least one enemy view, too.

Then you'll need a view that represents a bullet.

You'll need to distance(bullet, enemy, range) for each enemy on the screen.

Then you'll need to have a piece of code that starts the bullet when a key is pressed (f10 is just about the only "free" control key) from the ego's current position (draw(bullet); set.dir(bullet, ego_dir); ) and continue until it hits an enemy (if range<=10 for instance), or goes off screen (if(bulletx<1 || bulletx>120 || bullety<1 || bullety>150) or something... not too sure about the maximum x or y). if range<=10, then switch the enemy loop to a death-loop (set.view(enemy, death_loop)) and run it to the end of the loop (end.of.loop(enemy, done_flag)), then (erase(enemy)).

You're kind of limited to the number of objects on screen, and you can expect slow-down if you approach the maximum number.
Rainer it doesnt have to be f10. you can create your own controllers(look up controllers in the agi studio help file for more info). you could use just about any key you want, for example space, or f for fire.
Andrew_Baker f10 is just the "easy" solution, since it's not assigned to anything, yet. I'm not sure exactly how to use others (since I haven't ever tried). If you turned off the input line?
sonneveld the problem with mapping keys is that you can't map them back I don't think.. so that's why Sierra stuck with F6 and F10 for their "action" keys.

- Nick
Parabola im thinking more along the lines of SQ1 with the skimmer sort of thing, but a top down shooter segment could be cool, The player has control of a ship at times so it might work, survive through an asteriod feild or something, i'll consider it, thanx everyone :)
Andrew_Baker That's cool, you could have some asteroid objects that wander. You could also have them move at angles and switch to a different dir when they hit the side of the screen.
Parabola This sounds like a really good idea, either a raiden style shooter with the ability to shoot, or simply dodging. Does anyone have ideas on a really good way to implement this. Bear in mind, most of this is new to me, so i may need help in implementing it. ;)
mr-t I still think that Commando would work... (arrow keys for movement, F6 for machine gun, F10 for grenades)
Parabola yeah, well, i am hoping for a few different action parts so im not throwing out any ideas yet, At present the story is broken up into 4 main parts or acts. in one the player moves between a few planets so a space sequence would fit in well. a different act has you exploring dangerous ares on foot, to your idea works as well. I can't reveal to much of the story yet. I'm still editing it, also i want it to be a bit of a suprise.

;D ;D ;D
Kon-Tiki Do you know 'Startrooper' from the SNES? You had to travel between planets too. At the arrival of an unvisited planet, you came into an asteroid-like scene. One of the post from above explains how to do that. Maybe it's a good way to implement that action-scene into the game this way?

Hyperbola Yeah, Kon-Tiki i played the Startrooper game and think that that would be a good idea for this. (But not the asteroid part lol...but that is just my opinion... ;-) )

smartguy240 Sorry, that was me not logged in...

Ithink that also you might be able to use the mapping tecqnique like in games liek Illusion of Gaia or the Cd-i Version of like or zelda, that might be cool.... but what do i know ... ;)

Parabola i had a thought last night, Has anybody ever made a game like tetris in agi?

not that this is any use to me but i was just wonderinig if anyone had given it a shot... 8)
Rainer yeah, it would be possible. I'd like to see someone do it...
AGI1122 I am sure "somebody" will, there is 1000000000000 tetris clones in the world.... why not make more? ::)
Andrew_Baker Actually, due to the limitations on how many views you can have on-screen at once (16 is the default, although I know you can change this to more, too many views on screen will cause slow-down), and the fact that most Tetris pieces aren't square or rectangular, it might not actually be possible to make tetris. Even if it is possible, I think that it would be a lot harder than you might think.

Anyway, to make a skimmer sequence like in SQ1, I'd start with creating a group of animate.obj()'s. use random() to start the first one at a random point on the horizon. Then, make some code that causes the "boulder" to come towards the player. When this boulder reaches the half-way point, you could cause another boulder to be created on the horizon. When a boulder reaches the bottom of the screen, it's erased. Then, you could work out pairs or groups of boulders to add to the challenge. Your logic will probably want to loop, so that once a boulder is erased, its animate.obj() is free to be reused. That should give you a good start.
Parabola i see where you're going with this.

i had a thought last nite about puzzles like the one in space quest 5 where the pukoid tries to spit on you and you dodge at a certain time.

or perhaps a conveyer belt puzzle where you might have to jump or crouch at certain points to get to the other end 8)
Andrew_Baker Well, if you wanted that, you could position the ego and set ego_dir to 3 or 7. That would cause him/her to move in the direction of the conveyor.

You could also use the green signal line to be right and blue water line to be left.

if(ego_touching_signal_line) {


Then, if you wanted to have him jump, you could detect the player pressing up, and switch to a view of him jumping (pad the bottom of the cels with space, so he's still in the same Y-axis to make your book-keeping easier.). This could also set a jumping flag. That way, if he comes across something nasty on the conveyor, if the jumping flag is set, it will ignore the nasty thing.

if (ego_dir==1) {


if (done_flag) {

Something like that, and a similar structure for ducking. If you want gravity, then you could try making no signal or water lines set the ego_dir to 5 with the appropriate falling animation, and suspension of jumping and crouching.
rwfromxenon Hmm, how about a 'codebreaker' kind of thing? you are given a code and you have to descramble it?
Parabola Yeah, sounds like a good idea, i want to try have a few different types of sequence, i mean it wont be fun to have to get through the same arcade bit over and over, so i want variety. even something simple. 8)

keep those ideas coming ;D
Andrew_Baker I've had rather limited success with a street-fighter type of game.
mr-t Street Fighter already has 1200 *various* versions, an AGI one wouldn't hurt 8)
CapTAmerik@ If you want to have a close look at what puzzles are possible with AGI, I'd definitely suggest playing the Manhunter-series. Although I'm quite an avid adventure-player, I definitely loved the way Manhunter had built in arcade sequences (and an hot key to skip them, :-))...

Manhunter has it all... dodging knives, platforms, ladders, lava. It's recommandable to have a look at the series...

BTW, in the end of Manhunter: San Francisco the orb takes off to London. Whatever happened? And who would be interested in creating a sequel?

mr-t IMO, Manhunter would definitely be well served by SCI. ;D
ehcb How about a sniper thingie where enemys pop there a patch for doing scrolling backgrounds?

Metal Gear Solid type thing...that could work.

Donkey Kong type barrel dodger.

Or a thing where you press keys in time with music/ lights/ other thing.

Just suggestions...

Andrew_Baker Check out Voodoo Girl for a crap example of what you can do for swapping pics. You could make crude scrolling by swapping pics in sequence.
Parabola im sure that you could do crude scrolling, look at speeder bike challenge with the trees.

maybe ill look into that.

also i like the donkey kong thing, it might actually fit into
part of the story.

im working hard on screens at the moment but i am always open to new ideas.... 8)
Andrew_Baker If you wanted a gun game a la Operation: Wolf, have the (invisible) ego's dir control a cross-hair shaped object with its priority set to 15. Then, use get.posn on it and the target objects, and use, like, F10 as your trigger. If the cross-hairs are close enough, PLOW!!!!
ehcb Don't forget to have loads of insulting messages for when the player misses.
And when you run out of bullets the enemy should shoot you and a big splat of blood will appear on the screen.
rwfromxenon That's just GROSS :D

Parabola i was thinking of a fps sort of sequence.

ie kill an enemy b4 they reach a certain priority line.

have a view for a crosshair

the player can not move in this part tho 8)
rwfromxenon Why not have a wandering crosshair?
It would make it more challenging.

ehcb If the crosshair was wondering and the enemys were moving there'd be no guarrantee that the cursor would ever be on top of an ememy.

Parabola i was thinking of only having the enemy veiws moving down - toward the player.

i wanna keep it simple but still fun and challenging 8)
Andrew_Baker You will never beat my Dance-Dance Revolution Clone! Bwa-HAHAHAHAHA!!!