I'm makeing a new game

Oliver I'm makeing a new game >Lefty: Goes on vacation (To very wrong places)

I need a drawer for the game.Let me know who wants to do it (i'll send you some pictures what you must draw)
Parabola sounds interesting. Would that be the Lefty of Lefty's bar from Larry 1 (lost wages)?

Any more info about the game?
Oliver The lefty name is from Larry yea but this lefty is the bartenders brother or something like that and thats all what i know of the game I yesterday made the intro screen if you want it answer me
Oliver Anybody here ??? ??? ??? ???
Kon-Tiki Hehehe, you're certainly new here. There are different people from all over the world here. When you go to bed, others will have waked up. Best thing to do is to check on different times and be patient.

Btw: Is there a story ready?

Joey hey ill try to draw some pics for ya. Im not that good but ill give it a try. All you have to do is mention me in the about menu. ;D
let me know if ya need help.

btw: everyone its friday so i can now use the pc until monday, then on tuesday, when school comes back, i cant use it until the end of the week. But i will be around for a couple days, so you can talk ta me!
sonneveld Just in case anybody's interested... "report to moderator" is to notify the moderators about any posts which are dodgy. It's not to reply to a thread. If you do wish to reply, there's a nice "reply to" button right at the top.

- Nick
AGI1122 Hehe, I was going to say the same thing Nick, I recieved 5 emails from people reporting topics... that link should only be used to report topics that have problems such as flaming, it is to alert moderators such as me and Nick of problems in threads.
Rainer hmmm... I wonder how you could be making your own game when you couldnt even work out how to reply to a message. I have to tell you AGI logic programming isnt that easy.
Kon-Tiki Don't forget that there are tutorials available which let you make a basic game step by step. That's not too hard to master, and after that, it'll all go a lot easier. Although it can take a little while longer, they'll learn it, just like everybody else.

Eigen I can't wait to see the game. I'm helping him to program it. Isn't in great!!!
Oliver Hey joey mail me some pictures because i wnat to see you art

Ps: Eigen how's Nac (the game) doing
Joey well i was hoping to do programming......
Eigen Hey Joey how's your game doing. I mean Date Quest 2. I have a feeling it's ging to be great game.
Joey its going ok. i am having some problems that need to be fixed. i worked on a 30 second into for over 4 hours and it still doesnt work. i will figure it out soon.