Changing the text window

Kon-Tiki Is it possible to change the white-with-red-border from the text window to something else, and is it possible to modify that border too?

Robin_Gravel I think not Kon-Tiki.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki Ok. It would put just a tiny bit more atmosphere in a game, but it isn't really needed. It would just be fun if it was possible, although the white-with-red text window do has its charms.


Rainer I think it would be possible if you did a hack into the interpreter. On a side note, does everybody know that the command, uses rows and columns and not x and y like it says in the agi studio help file.
David Yeah, I noticed that goes by columns and rows instead of x any y. x and y are effectively reversed.
As for the borders, take a look in SCI instead. You can do all kinds of crazy changes with that system.
Kon-Tiki Too late for that ;D, if everything goes well, my demo is finished at the end of the weekend. I'll go to SCI ones I've mastered AGI, though.

Hmm, a hack in the interpreter. With my programming skills, the interpreter would be ruined before I've even touched the text-window ;). Maybe this's something worthwhile to suggest to Nailhead (if others want that feature too, for just one person's needs, it's too much work.)

Thanks :)