Strange problem with resources

Kon-Tiki I've got a strange problem with a picture. In Picedit, the picture looks just fine. In the resource window is it just the same, but in the game, the whole picture looks crappy, with lots of lines I never drew. I don't have this problem with the other pictures. Does anyone know how this comes and what to do about it?

Robin_Gravel Yes. Sometimes I see some dots on the pictures too on my games.

Robin Gravel
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Joel I assume you're using PicEdit to make the picture...what are you using to play the game? The original interpreter?

It looks to me like the problem is a fill error...the fill color in the game is spillling out over the whole building.
Rainer This is what I would do:

Save the pic to a new filename, and edit that new file. Now go back through the commands in the picture, to where you think the error might be, then erase everything after that error and save the pic. If this new pic in your game displays properly, then you know that the problem is somewhere after the position before you erased. So either redraw the rest of the picture, or you could systematically go through each command and test it in your game. I hope this makes sense. Good luck.
David Yeah, it looks like the fill command. I would try erasing the fill command that adds that red, just to see what happens. Then try redrawing that line that seems to have gone screwy, across the top of the building. You can always redraw these. I wouldn't be surprised if picedit mis-saved it somehow.
Kon-Tiki Hmmm, I don't think if it's the fill-command (thought of that too), because, when I load the picture in Picedit, everything's just fine. In AGI-studio everything's just fine too. The screen just screws up in the game itself (I'm using the template game).

Anyway, I'll try going through the history and see if there is something wrong there ('cause I could be wrong thinking it's not the fill-command).

Kon-Tiki Ok, I tried it. There's nothing wrong with the fill-command. I redrew the whole roof and it still gives that problem. The problem seems to be that line screwing wrong. Now it stands perfectly vertical. The problem is that that line bends, so the first fill takes the whole area. If I would first fill the wall and then the roof, the building would look brown. Only thing that's sorted out now, is that the window, the door and the 'open'sign are visible. I placed a blue priority line where the roof starts, and hoped it mixed the fill of the priorities and the visual screen. That didn't do anything good either. That line's just screwed too. Seems like those lines bend too far to the middle of the screen and stop one pixel too soon.
sonneveld AGI Studio and Picedit share the same algorithms for generating pictures.. does anybody know if the picedit source has been released?

- Nick
Kon-Tiki Joel says he has it.
Joel Yeah, I do have the PicEdit source. I was thinking that Chris had uploaded it to his website, but I don't see it there now. I can send it to you if you want it, though.
sonneveld That would be great if you can.

- Nick
sonneveld hrmm.. it would be interesting to port this to sdl. Thanks Joel, I appreciate it.

- Nick
Andrew_Baker Question: What OS are you running on?
Kon-Tiki Windows 95 :-\. It does that in Dos and Windows 98 too.

smartguy240 This is probabally not Your Problem but...

Usually what my deal is with that is that i drew something then i pressed back, and drew somthing else and i forgot to delete the origional thang that i drew.

Again, this is probabally not your problem, but i guess we can see...

:-\ SMG240
Kon-Tiki That's a good tip for those Picedit-rookies. I had that too at first, but now it's (like you said) not my problem. Still helpful that people new to Picedit know of that ;). Maybe I'll write a manual to Picedit. That doesn't exist yet. I'll put it in it then.

Joel Didn't you get a file called PicEdit.txt with your copy of PicEdit? That is the manual, and it mentions the fact that navigating through the picture buffer lets you delete or insert drawing actions. Would you be opposed to sending the picture resource to somebody to see if they can figure out what's going on with it? I'd be willing to take a quick look at it.
Kon-Tiki Chris already has it, but look at for the beta-version. I trust that you won't download it to play the game. That would just ruin the fun when the whole demo is released. Only download the beta-version if it's for helping out on the game. The screen which has the problem is nr 17. About the file PicEdit.txt: I didn't see it. It could be that it's there, but I've never read it. If it exists, it'll save me the time of making a manual;D, otherwise, I'll make it. First things first: need to check if the file exists. -Kon-Tiki-
Joel [attachment deleted by admin]
Kon-Tiki Thank you so much! This means I can finish 'Piraatje'! Also cool that I found such a small bug:D. I'll finish 'Piraatje' this week (and watch some Cheech&Chong movies too ;).) Hope I can get it finished before the weekend (otherwise, I won't make my possible homework until it is:).)

Again, thank you, Joel.

-A very happy-Kon-Tiki-