opening screen

rwfromxenon At the start of austin powers ;D game i want to have austin come onto the screen and then the title comes up and knocks him flat. How do I get the titles to come onto the screen? are they actors or props?
Steven Melenchuk If the title moves, it's best to make it an Actor so that you can use the Motion code.
mr-t I ran into the prop/actor problem when I was trying to get something to move. I was stumped for awhile, until I realized that I had the instance or whatever it is to "Prop" instead of "Act" :-
Brian_Provinciano It's a very good idea to look at the "Class Reference" in the script editor and then the help file. It will answer most of your questions if the tutorial doesn't, and even teach you new things and give you new ideas on how to make your game more enjoyable!

You will find all kinds of routines and such. For example, looking in the help file, you can find all kinds of motion classes, MoveTo, Wander, etc. There are hundreds of functions and methods, and all are completely documented, many with examples.