Dumb Question about AGI

rwfromxenon How difficult is it to learn AGI, i mean, how long?

I started with SCI so I do not understand most of the AGI language ???
Kon-Tiki AGI is the easiest languages I know (and, if you know that I can't even work with Visual Basic ::), you'll know how easy it is. ;)

rwfromxenon Cool!

(ps neither can I!)
smartguy240 I am taking a visual basic class in High School this year and i think personally that Visual Basic is about on the same level of hardness as AGI. AGI is a little harder to do rescorces on like settin up a screen and stuff, because VisBasic lets you just place things on the screen and click on it and write simple coding for it.

But that is just my opinoin

;) SMG240
Joel I would actually agree with smartguy here. Visual Basic doesn't make you set up your windows programmatically, but with AGI you have to set up just about everything except priorities with code. Plus, in AGI you've got very limited resources. Not really the case with VB. That's not to say that AGI programming is hard (certainly no harder than SCI programming)...but it's probably not the simplest thing you'll ever do, either.
rwfromxenon ok,

It's just that i was really into AGI studio a couple years ago, looked at the logic and then thought, d***! What the h*** does this s*** mean?

Now it's strange, i don't even see the code. It certainly is easier than i thought!
Steven Melenchuk Heh... we're all like that at first.
Then we start figuring out what the (not-so-)cryptic statements like isset(f5) are, and then it clicks, and you can start reading screens full of code like they were pages from a book...
...hmm, I've gotten off topic here somewhere, haven't I? Oh well.
Andrew_Baker Actually, you don't even need to use isset(). You can just say if (flag_name)... Not much simpler.

AGI reminds me of UNIX-type shell-scripts. The language itself isn't that hard, but the syntax is a bit screwy. The biggest problem I have is with writing code that looks perfectly reasonable but has a bizarre effect once used. I attribute this to the rather proprietary nature of AGI... that and it is a bit buggy?