Mr. T Hiya folks.

I have programmed a death into the demo of my new game, and after the death text is displayed, for the 3 second pause before the death box comes up, The Ego can still move. How would I fix this?

on a side note, how would I program the game so that when you type "climb" in a certain place of a certain room, the game goes to a cinema scene? (sorry, I am quite n00bish at object oriented programming, but I'm getting there...)

on yet another side note, The game is a like a Sci-Fi action movie or something where you are an alien who has run away from home and eventually made it to the alien equvilant (sp) of a refueling base. You sneak onto a junk freighter, and get alot more than you bargain for...

The demo should be released once I get up to 8 or so rooms, and tidy the GFX up a bit.

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Brian_Provinciano The death handler is identical to Sierra's original. If you play a game, for example, in LSL1VGA when you walk on to the road, you'll notice that larry lays squashed on the ground for three seconds then the window pops up. This is so the player can actually see the death sequence. If it went directly to the window, the player would likely scratch their head wondering what they did wrong.

You should manually do a death sequence, animation of the ego getting squashed, or falling down a cliff, or something like that, then call the death handler.

If you do want to change the time though, it can be easily done in the death handler script.

For your cinema scene, create a room that doesn't make ego controllable by the player, and use the changeState to create a sequence with views and such. Then, just do another newRoom back to the game's playable room.