AGI BLG 2.0 Beta 2

Joel I've uploaded a new version of the Base Logic Generator to my website. It's almost a release version now. There's range-checking on the numeric edit fields, and the program now prompts you before overwriting files. It also lets you set the game path once and then not worry about it. There are a few minor bugs that I still need to work out before I call it a "release" version, but they are, after all, minor bugs. I also do still intend to release the source code, but it needs just a little more cleanup work before I'm ready to do that. I realized as I was adding comments and stuff that there's some stuff in my code that isn't even used, so I'm going to cut that before releasing the code.

Anyway, the new version of the program is available at:
sonneveld coolies.. I'll certainly put it through it's paces in the next couple of days..

- Nick
smartguy240 Maybe this is stupid to ask, but what language is your blg 2.0 written in?

Joel I used C++ for both versions of the BLG. For version 1.0, though, I used the Microsoft Foundation Classes because I didn't understand Windows programming very well when I wrote it and writing applications like the BLG is relatively easy with MFC. For version 2.0, I used the straight API. While a little less simple and probably messier, the BLG is probably easier to port to other platforms that way, should someone so desire.
smartguy240 Ahh, kewl! 8) Thanks