Serguei's destiny II demo

Robin_Gravel Serguei's destiny II demo is now out.

Robin Gravel
Joey Great work robin!!!!
I dont mean to be picky though, but I was hoping that the fighting sequnce would be interactive and not animated. Other than that, its great!!! I wouldnt mind doing a review on it if you wanted. I'd do this one instead of Serguei's destiny 1.
Robin_Gravel I prefert to see Serguei's destiny 1 reviewed because sd 2 is just a demo. But it's you to decide which game will be review. I'm not sure if the fighting sequence will have interactive because the game will use a lot of variables. Robin Gravel
Rainer well the game looks good, but I cant get it to work on my computer. I have no mouse cursor. I think it might be a windows xp problem - ie no dos mouse driver. is there any other way I can run it? is there a dos mouse driver or something for xp?
AGI1122 Use NAGI. NAGI is a windows AGI interpreter and works really well with windows(xp). And I beleive the mouse works in windows if you use this.
Rainer yeah I had actually already tried nagi. I use nagi for all my other games, but no, the mouse doesnt work. does anyone else have a solution?
Robin_Gravel Another agimouse with win xp issue. I should left a note about this problem in my upcoming agimouse games. About nagi, In standard.ini file, change the v2_default to pc_buffbri ; defaults for games where we only know the interpreter version/platform v2_default=pc_buffbri Serguei's destiny 2 should work this way. "Naturette II: daughter of the moon" and "DG: the agimouse adventure game" use also the agimouse. Robin Gravel
sonneveld thanks robin.. took the words right out of my mouth.

- Nick
Rainer Thanks alot. It works fine now. I suppose I should have researched nagi a bit more before asking stupid questions.. Once again thanks. It's looking good. But make sure to disable the mousebuttons during battle. Although you can't see the buttons anymore, you can still click where they used to be. Changing characters during battle led to this: after I had killed the bad guy with Sergei, I was still fighting him with the guy with the sword (can't think of his name) and he came running after Igor on the road.
I thought it was funny, but it shouldn't be in the complete game, so, just wanted you to know.
Robin_Gravel Thanks to report this bug. I'll look for it.
Robin_Gravel Hi folks

By judging good reviews about Serguei's destiny I found, I'm working a little on Serguei's destiny 2.

Expect to see a new demo very soon.

Robin Gravel
rwfromxenon Woooooooooooooo!
Thanks to me old website ;)